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What’s the World’s Most Expensive Festival?

How much would you pay for happiness? Or, barring that, how much would you pay for a three-day drunken music binge? The good folks over at The Guardian and No1 Currency wanted to find out, so... Read more »

“We Kissed at Coachella”: The Best Missed Connection of All Time

People go to music festivals for two things: The Music, or the hopes of meeting someone special and winding up in a porta-potty having a booze fueled fuck fest to the vibrations of a David Guetta... Read more »

Coachella 2015 in Photos

Didn't get to go to Coachella this year and experienced major FOMO? Here are some of our favorite moments from Coachella 2015 in photos, starring Drake, The Weeknd, Tyler the Creator, Lykke Li, and more.... Read more »

Watch Drake Perform All Of His Hits Live at Coachella

It’s no secret that Drake usually performs well live, but thanks to a call from his mother before he hit the stage at Coachella, he went extra hard for his debut per her request. It seemed... Read more »

What Coachella Attendees Think About Drugs at Music Festivals

We talked to attendees at Coachella 2015 about how high they are, what they think of drugs at music festivals, and their good and bad drug experiences.... Read more »

“People vs. Poster” App Ranks Coachella Artists Based on Twitter Buzz

Social media is one of the best ways to gauge what’s really happening out in the “real” world, or at least a glimpse into the public’s mind. This new app visualizes who’s blowing up online in... Read more »

Coachella and Lollapalooza Have Banned Selfie Sticks

If you’re already getting things ready for Coachella starting in two weeks, one thing you won’t be able to take is your selfie stick (we’re hoping at this point you don’t own one as well). Their... Read more »

Coachella Sold Out in Under 40 Minutes

That didn’t take long. The last round of Coachella tickets went on sale at 12:00 PST. At 12:39, the two-weekend festival was entirely sold out. In 2014, Coachella was the top-grossing festival for the third year... Read more »

Blowchella, Death Rowchella, and Metro Boomin Want Some Mochella

Yesterday, when Coachella released their lineup, our immediate thought at Pigeons & Planes was, “How can we make fun of this?” Our first thought was Brochella, but we soon realized that it had already been done.... Read more »

Here’s the Coachella 2015 Lineup, Starring Drake, Jack White, and AC/DC

It feels like just yesterday we were enjoying the 2014 festival season, starring Outkast headlining every major concert in the world, but it’s time to start prepping for the 2015 season. You can start with Coachella,... Read more »