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Coldplay – “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall”

Here’s the new single, which should appear on the upcoming fifth album from Coldplay. It’s a driving, synth-filled, sun-splashed song with layers of acoustic and electric guitars and plenty of soaring vocals. It’s a song huge... Read more »

Mike Posner – “The Scientist” (Coldplay Cover)

Mike Posner dished out some new material for us recently.  This time he’s remade a version of Coldplay’s piano ballad, “The Scientist”.  This song was somewhat of an obsession for me when it first released.  It’s... Read more »

Video! Coldplay – "Strawberry Swing"

Couldn’t find an HD/HQ for this video but this is still a nice visual for Coldplay’s “Strawberry Swing”. Pigeons and Planes... Read more »

Free Live EP from Coldplay – "LeftRightLeftRightLeft"

Coldplay is giving away a free live album titled *LeftRightLeftRightLeft*. THIS is the link to download your free digital copy, but unfortunately the link is currently acting up. Just keep trying, hopefully someone will bring it... Read more »

New! Lady Gaga – Viva La Vida (Coldplay Cover)

Gaga puts her spin on the Coldplay hit. And sorry, this will be the last time I gross you out with this picture, but I’m about to hop in the shower and I don’t feel like... Read more »

Coldplay ft. Jay-Z – "Lost" (Live At Grammys)

Already? Good looking out illRoots. Pigeons and Planes... Read more »

Lil Wayne vs Coldplay! MGMT vs Q-Tip! Jay-Z vs Kid Cudi! Oh Shit it's Terry Urban!

Terry Urban’s How My Brain Works 2 is full of crazy remixes/mash ups. There are some amazing moments on here that may or may not fuck with your head. Only thing I wish is that each... Read more »

New! Coldplay – Life In Technicolor II, Prospekts March/Poppyfields

These will be on Coldplay’s upcoming EP release called Prospekts March, out Nov. 25th. The release will feature songs written during the making of Coldplay’s last album. To be honest, I can see why they didn’t... Read more »

Coldplay ft. Jay-Z – Lost (Video)

Pigeons and Planes... Read more »

Coldplay ft. Jay-Z – Lost

This one should be better sound quality. Coldplay ft. Jay-Z – Lost (CDQ) Pigeons and Planes... Read more »

Coldplay ft Jay- Z – Lost

First time using media fire because z share is being a bitch today.Coldplay ft. Jay-Z – Lost Pigeons and Planes... Read more »

Jay-Z on A Coldplay Remix

I’m not a big Coldplay fan, but I thought this was worthy of a post. From Coldplay’s website: In the spirit of trying to do things a bit differently and keep everything fresh, we are going... Read more »