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Alice Glass of Crystal Castles is Going Solo

Early this morning Alice Glass announced that she would be leaving Crystal Castles. After working with band member Ethan Kath for nearly a decade, Glass feels it is time for the next step. She announced that... Read more »

The Best EDM of the Week

You guys ever seen Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus? It does exactly what it says on the tin, with Debbie Gibson at the helm. Look it up and try to stay awake. Maybe you can keep... Read more »

Video: Crystal Castles – “Affection”

Nothing kicks off the weekend quite like some creepy Crystal Castles visuals. We’ve seen a lot of music videos comprised of live footage, but Crystal Castles always does things their own way, and this “Affection” video... Read more »

Crystal Castles – “Sad Eyes (Huoratron Remix)”

Crystal Castles‘ “Sad Eyes” was one of the most accessible, pop-leaning tracks (even with the dark, industrial vibes) from their most recent album. Not anymore. Huoratron turns this into straight murder. It’s dark, it’s aggressive, it’s heavy, and... Read more »

Bat For Lashes And Crystal Castles To Tour With Depeche Mode

In keeping with 2013 being the year of the comeback, Depeche Mode released Delta Machine, their first record since 2009. Now the band will hit the road for an extensive tour and joining them along the... Read more »

Video: Crystal Castles – “Sad Eyes”

Here’s the brand new video for Crystal Castles‘ “Sad Eyes,” one of the standouts from their most recent album, (III). For this one, the duo took a surprising approach, blending heartwarming footage of baby animals with... Read more »

Crystal Castles Announce 2013 Tour

Coming off the release of the excellent (III), Crystal Castles is set to keep things moving with a video for second single, “Sad Eyes,” next month before heading out on tour in the Spring. Check the dates... Read more »

The 15 Best Alice Glass GIFs

Ever since their proper arrival in 2008, Crystal Castles have penetrated popular culture in an unlikely way. With their ghostly combination of gothic, electronic, and pop, they’ve managed to carve out a niche in the indie... Read more »

Album Stream: Crystal Castles – “(III)”

Shortly after bringing you Crystal Castles‘ “Sad Eyes,” we’ve got a full stream of the album available for your listening pleasure/any seances you might be having that also call for big beats. Though the sound of... Read more »

Crystal Castles – “Sad Eyes”

Featuring “Plague,” “Wrath Of God,” and “Affection,” the third abum from Crystal Castles is shaping up to be an excellent concoction of electronically altered vocals, synthed up gothic sounds, and dark imagery fit for the cold... Read more »