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Dan Deacon Mashes Up Animal Collective, Grimes, Beyonce, Death Grips, Rihanna And More

It’s that time of year again when the music world is flooded with DJs each releasing their own year-end mash-ups. Today, electronic musician Dan Deacon released his own take on this with Wish Book Volume 1.┬áHis... Read more »

Album Stream: Dan Deacon – “America”

Dan Deacon is one of those artists who doesn’t really fit into any scenes, genres, ideas – anything. You can try, but there’s really no boxes to put him in that will stick, because he’s just... Read more »

Dan Deacon Demolishes “Call Me Maybe” and Your Brain

Ever the mindfucker, Dan Deacon has travelled to the darkest parts of the universe to bend our brains into previously unfathomable shapes. What am I talking about? Well, Deacon has taken “Call Me Maybe” and layered... Read more »