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15 Songs That Need to be Remixed by Rappers

It's strange to think that back in the '60s, nobody ever heard a song and thought, "Oh shit, so-and-so should remix this." These days, especially for people that grew up on hip-hop and electronic music, it's... Read more »

Video: Busdriver ft. Aesop Rock & Danny Brown – “Ego Death”

After garnering a lot of attention with last month’s “Ego Death” featuring Aesop Rock and Danny Brown, LA rapper Busdriver has followed the single up with an enthralling set of visuals. The futuristic video directed by... Read more »

Danny Brown – “Smokin & Drinkin (DJ Sliink Remix)”

There’s already a dark, manic quality to Danny Brown’s “Smokin & Drinkin,” but DJ Sliink just took that shit to the next level. The title might lead you to think this is a party anthem, but it’s... Read more »

Busdriver ft. Aesop Rock and Danny Brown – “Ego Death”

Underground cornerstone Busdriver has a new record called Perfect Hair out September 9 via UK-based label Big Dada. The first track to come from the upcoming record is called “Ego Death,” and features Aesop Rock and Danny Brown.... Read more »

20 Alternative Hip-Hop Artists Who Are Making Things Interesting

If you used the term "experimental hip-hop" in past decades, you were speaking of something completely different than what we've got in 2014. In a post-Yeezus world, alternative sounds in hip-hop are becoming the norm, and... Read more »

Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOOD ft. Danny Brown – “Six Degrees”

Canada’s BADBADNOTGOOD released their album III on May 6 (buy here), and they’ve followed up swiftly with a new single with Ghostface Killah and Danny Brown. With a creeping instrumental that could soundtrack a film noir scene, Ghostface and... Read more »

The 12 Best Quotes From Danny Brown’s Twitter Q&A Session

Earlier today, Danny Brown paid Twitter Music a visit and held a Twitter Q&A session. Fans bombarded the rapper with personal questions and got #AskDanny to trend, and Danny came through with some expectedly funny answers.... Read more »

Danny Brown Gave Up Lean Because He Didn’t Want a “Gucci Mane Belly”

During a recent interview with Tim Westwood, Danny Brown discussed his trying journey of giving up one of rap’s most popular drug of choice, lean. “You don’t have no syrup for three days, you might shit... Read more »

ZMoney & Danny Brown – “Jug & Finesse”

Danny Brown can rap his ass off, but it’s always been his personality and style that set him apart. Another rapper with a not-so-regular style is Chicago’s ZMoney. Their deliveries are wildly different, but they’re also... Read more »

Video: Danny Brown ft. Purity Ring – “25 Bucks”

Danny Brown’s “25 Bucks,” off his fantastic Old, has received a set of visuals. The clip features Danny in what appears to be various situations extracted from his childhood, still frozen in time, and includes an... Read more »

Avoiding Obscurity: Rappers Who Never Stopped Improving

The stereotypical trajectory of a rap career favors the young. Rappers seemingly explode on to the scene, becoming the genre’s prince before fading into relative obscurity. On average, rappers get a 5-year span to make the... Read more »

Daily Discovery: ZelooperZ is Next Up From Danny Brown’s Bruiser Brigade

Daily Discovery is a feature that will highlight a new or recently discovered artist that we’re excited about. See the rest of our Daily Discoveries here. This year was my first time at SXSW, and the experience... Read more »

Watch Danny Brown Discuss Kathy Griffin, His Missing Tooth, and Perform “Dip” on Arsenio

Danny Brown was the musical guest on The Arsenio Hall Show last night, but before he got to his performance, the rapper sat down with Arsenio for a quick interview. His first question was about Danny’s... Read more »

Listen to an Alternate Version of Danny Brown’s “Contra”

Those who have been a fan of Danny Brown since before his XXX mixtape will know of Hot Soup, but if you’re unfamiliar, here’s your chance to get acquainted. The rapper will be reissuing his 2008... Read more »

Danny Brown is the Ultimate Professional

He raps about taking molly and smoking blunt after blunt. He raps about being fucked up and fucking your bitch. He dyes his hair blue, sticks his tongue out, and projects a hedonistic, I don’t give... Read more »