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Download Kool A.D.’s New 100 Song Mixtape, ‘O.K.’

Kool A.D. has graced us with his most ambitious project yet.... Read more »

The Bards of Bard: Das Racist’s ‘Shut Up, Dude’ Turns Five

Hip-hop looks nothing like it did in 2010. The story of that evolution would be incomplete without the burned-too-bright whirlwind career of Das Racist. For... Read more »

Globetrotting Back Home: Heems and the Creation of “Eat.Pray.Thug.”

To describe Heems’ debut solo album as “anticipated” is insufficient. This is the man who turned rap on its head as a founding member of... Read more »

Video Premiere: Open Mike Eagle ft. Kool A.D. – “Informations”

If you didn’t catch Open Mike Eagle’s Dark Comedy earlier this year, then you really missed out. Not only did it contain a wickedly hilarious verse from... Read more »

Dapwell Shares His Thoughts on Das Racist’s Break-Up

For those of us still feeling a little sore about Das Racist’s anticlimactic break-up, any information regarding the split still stings a little. Dapwell, the... Read more »

Download Kool A.D.’s New Album “Word O.K.” Featuring Talib Kweli and Toro y Moi

Kool A.D. will stay quiet for a bit and then swoop in out of nowhere (like a majestic pigeon) and release a whole album. That’s exactly... Read more »

Heems: 10 Songs I’m Listening To Right Now

Himanshu Suri is easily one of the most interesting people in hip-hop. Better known as Heems, the Queens native makes up one-third of the artists... Read more »

Heems, Dapwell, Prince Rama and LE1F to Perform at the Whitney Museum This Sunday

For Das Racist fans who were devastated by the news of their break up last year, this weekend offers a chance to see Himanshu Suri... Read more »

Download Two New Kool A.D. Mixtapes

Ex-Das Racist man Kool A.D. dropped two mixtapes yesterday, and 63 and 19 are the second and third parts of a planned series of four tapes named... Read more »

Stream Sufjan Stevens’ “Chopped and Scrooged,” A Christmas Rap Mixtape

It’s hard to be surprised Sufjan Stevens has more Christmas-themed music for the people after releasing a five-volume tribute to the holiday (his second five-volume tribute, at... Read more »

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