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Video: Death Grips – “No Love”

Hey, look who’s back. It’s Death Grips. They’ve got a new video for “No Love.” A little about the concept: We partnered with Target and fashion designer Dorothy Fiona for a concept that merges the idea... Read more »

Death Grips Are Working On New Album According to Zach Hill

Chances are, Death Grips aren’t trying to troll this time around. According to drummer Zach Hill, the group is currently working on a new album, and also hoping to tour later this year. This is, of... Read more »

Is Beyoncé the New Death Grips?

A strange day indeed. Late last night, Beyoncé dropped a new album. Out of nowhere. In 2013, even indie artists can’t get around album leaks and the slow build-up of information and promotion leading up to... Read more »


Halloween’s not scary, oh no. That’s just a an excuse for everyone to dress up like idiots and get extra drunk. The day you really need to be worried about is Friday 13. Which just happens... Read more »

Download Death Grips’ New Album, “Government Plates,” For Free

Death Grips fans are fairly used to being surprised by the band. This time though instead of cancelled shows, we get a brand new album for free. The band took to Facebook today to share Government... Read more »

A Message From Death Grips

Death Grips have been in the news lately for canceling dates and not showing up to scheduled concerts, but they’ve been productive during their time off. Today, they sent out a press release (sent “exclusively to... Read more »

Listen to an Album of Death Cab For Cutie and Death Grips Mash-Ups

Any aspiring mash-up makers should know that the key to a successful mash-up is a good name. Start with a good name, and your project is surely destined for success, no matter how awkward and clunky... Read more »

Death Grips Showed Up to Their FYF Fest Set

It seems like a weird thing to report on, but Death Grips appearing at their set at the FYF Festival in Los Angeles this weekend essentially counts as a news story after their infamous bail on... Read more »

Death Grips – “Birds”

Let’s sweep aside the controversy surrounding Death Grips for just a second. Seemingly out of nowhere, the band has dropped a new cut titled “Birds,” a hectic, dystopic offering (obviously) featuring off-kilter instrumentals and obtrusive electronic... Read more »

Death Grips Skipping Out on Lollapalooza After Party Was a Stunt

Last Friday, Death Grips failed to show up at their Lollapalooza after party, which led to the cancellation of their gigs at Lolla and Osheaga. Disappointed fans waited around at the venue, and once they realized... Read more »

Death Grips No Show at Lollapalooza After Party, Fans Wreak Havoc on Their Equipment

UPDATE #2: Death Grips have begun to cancel more tour dates. After the festival reported  that they  ”chose not to appear” at Lollapalooza last night,  they’ve also canceled a show in Osheaga that was scheduled for tonight... Read more »

The Best Performers in Rap Right Now

Technical skill, originality, and style always come into question when considering the best rappers, but the increasingly important live show is sometimes left out of the discussion. A great live show, however, always helps pave the... Read more »

Danny Brown Stars in Insane Clown Posse’s New Video, Beyoncé Hangs With Death Grips

We see a lot of really random shit every week. Deciding what to post and what to ignore is a constant balancing act that requires much skill, judgment, and discretion. Sometimes it depends on how drunk... Read more »

Death Grips Started a Record Label

After a messy split with Epic Records, Death Grips have launched their own label imprint called Thirdworlds. According to a statement released to Pitchfork, it was “created via a very unique relationship with Harvest /Capitol, to be distributed... Read more »

13 Songs That Make You Feel Like You’re Having a Panic Attack

Music can be therapeutic, but it can also be an alarming, stressful experience. Some songs can literally make your heart rate skyrocket, and it's sometimes exactly what you need, especially if you've been listening to too... Read more »