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Did Death Grips Really Break Up?

In case you haven’t been paying attention, 2014 has been a crazy year for Death Grips fans. Just as they approached the risk of becoming stale, the experimental trio “broke up” back in July with a brief note... Read more »

Video: Death Grips – “Inanimate Sensation”

It’s been around six months or so since Death Grips officially called it quits, but it seems they’re not quite done yet. Taken from Jenny Death, the second half of their upcoming double album the powers that b, “Inanimate... Read more »

Robert Pattinson Played Guitar on Death Grips’ “Birds”

Death Grips’ album Government Plates was released on vinyl for Record Store Day Black Friday, and it appears that the release has given us some more information in regards to the record. None other than Death Grips BFF Robert... Read more »

An Update on the Forthcoming Death Grips Album

In typical Death Grips fashion, the group has kept their update on the upcoming album brief: Their website reveals the covers for the double album (above). The Björk-featuring first half N*ggas on the Moon was released back... Read more »

Death Grips Soundtrack New Adidas Commercial

As far as Death Grips news goes, this is actually pretty surprising. Death Grips, who broke up back in July, have provided the music for the latest Adidas commercial. Infact, it’s not just any song from the... Read more »

Stream The Bug’s New Album, “Angels & Devils”

Angels & Devils, the latest album from London-based producer The Bug, is one of the grimiest albums you’ll hear all year. Split into two distinct halves, the first section of the record showcases textural and doomy soundscapes,... Read more »

What I Wish Death Grips Would Have Accomplished Before They Quit

Remember when Death Grips leaked their own album? They weren’t happy with how their label, Epic Records, was dealing with it, so they took things into their own hands. “The label will be hearing the album... Read more »

The 13 Best Death Grips Songs

Earlier this month, a letter on the Death Grips Facebook wall declared, "Death Grips is over." Their existence may have been brief, but during their four-year run, there was never a dull moment. Label drama, cancellations,... Read more »

A Timeline of Death Grips’ Strange Existence

Death Grips, the reliably unreliable experimental trio (sometimes duo), has called it quits. For a lot of us, it's hard news to take in. They've consistently surprised us, whether it's pleasantly or unpleasantly, and they always... Read more »

“Death Grips is over”

With Death Grips, you never know what’s coming next. After adding festival dates, making new merch, and releasing new music in June, the group has decided to stop everything. Today, they  posted a message on their... Read more »

Best Songs of the Week

With so much good music steadily coming through, it's easy to miss out on some of the best. To help prevent this, we've picked some of our favorite tracks from the week. Here are the songs... Read more »

The Bug Details “Angels and Devils” Album, Listen to Tracks Featuring Death Grips and Gonjasufi

Kevin Martin, aka London-based producer The Bug, has finally announced the details of his long-awaited Angels and Devils record (that’s the album cover above). The album features Liz Harris of Grouper, Gonjasufi, Grime MC Flowdan, and Death Grips... Read more »

20 Alternative Hip-Hop Artists Who Are Making Things Interesting

If you used the term "experimental hip-hop" in past decades, you were speaking of something completely different than what we've got in 2014. In a post-Yeezus world, alternative sounds in hip-hop are becoming the norm, and... Read more »

Death Grips Release “N*ggas on the Moon,” the Björk-Featuring First Half of an Upcoming Double LP

Following the free surprise release of last year’s Government Plates, Death Grips are back with yet another free release. This time, however, the eight-track long release is part of a double album due later this year. The release... Read more »

Video: Death Grips – “No Love”

Hey, look who’s back. It’s Death Grips. They’ve got a new video for “No Love.” A little about the concept: We partnered with Target and fashion designer Dorothy Fiona for a concept that merges the idea... Read more »