Death Grips

Check Out These Morbid Paintings by Death Grips’ Vocalist MC Ride

Death Grips' Stefan Burnett certainly has a talent when it comes to the morose.... Read more »

Listen to an 8-bit Version of Death Grips’ Mixtape ‘Exmilitary’

Death Grips' mixtape 'Exmilitary' gets an unusual remix treatment.... Read more »

PREMIERE: Listen to Frank Leone’s Insane “Supertramp USA”

A mindf**k of a song from the 20-year-old rapper/producer.... Read more »

David Bowie’s New Album Also Influenced by Death Grips and Boards of Canada

David Bowie looks to be drawing from a wide set of influences on his upcoming record.... Read more »

Death Grips Announce New Album, ‘Bottomless Pit’

In a very Death Grips move, the band has, without warning, announced that they are releasing a new album. Taking to their Facebook this evening,... Read more »

Read Tyler, The Creator’s Enthusiastic Mini-Essay About Death Grips

Tyler, The Creator's brief essay warns about the danger of driving while listening to Death Grips.... Read more »

Watch Death Grips Tear Up The Stage At Their First Post-Breakup Show

Whether Death Grips‘ “break up” was a stunt or an actual rift, it clearly worked in the beloved group’s favor—footage from their first night back... Read more »

Watch Death Grips Clean the Floor in the “Powers That B” Video

Death Grips’ new video for “Powers That B” video only lasts five minutes, but thanks to some manic cleaning, they manage to pack in hours... Read more »

Is This a New Death Grips Album?

Earlier this week, an album by a previously unheard-of band called the I.L.Y.’s was tweeted from the unofficial official Death Grips account. The album is... Read more »

Video: Death Grips – “I Break Mirrors With My Face in The United States”

Ever wanted to be a drumstick? Me neither. Ever wanted to be a microphone? Me too. And since Death Grips is all about wish fulfillment,... Read more »

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