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Here’s What It Would Look Like If Diddy Starred In Every TV Show

This morning I woke up with Cheez-Its in my hair. It’s not something I’m proud of but it’s something that happened and I was forced to either waste perfectly good Cheez-Its or just eat them. So... Read more »

Watch Eminem Perform at The Beats Music Launch Party

On January 24, Dr. Dre’s Beats Music held a launch party for their new streaming service. Dr. Dre called in a few of his friends to perform at the party, including Eminem, Nas, Diddy, Method Man,... Read more »

Future ft. Schoolboy Q & Diddy – “Sh!t (Remix)”

Future‘s “Sh!t” has had a busy week. After getting remixed to accomodate Juicy J and Drake, “Sh!t” was transformed into a Southern anthem with new guest appearances from Pastor Troy, Jeezy, and T.I. yesterday. Now “Sh!t”... Read more »

The Secret Life of a Video Vixen

Last month, Vibe opined that we as a society were witnessing the death of the Video Vixen. “Remember when Video Vixens dominated music television?” Yes, we sighed. No more. “What happened?” Vibe asked, answering themselves with... Read more »

Forbes Announce the 2013 Cash Kings List of the World’s Highest Paid Hip-Hop Artists

Forbes have published their annual “Cash Kings” list of the highest earners in hip-hop, and, as usual, it is the business ventures outside music that seem to be raking in the most money. Diddy tops the... Read more »

The Notorious B.I.G., Diddy, Ma$e vs. M83 – “Mo Cities Mo Problems (Carlos Serrano Mix)”

On any other day, it would be, “Another M83 ‘Midnight City’ mash-up? Hell no.” But it’s Saturday, so here is “Mo Money Mo Problems” vs. “Midnight City.” Check out Carlos Serrano’s mash-up below.... Read more »

Getting Noticed By Diddy: One Artist’s Brush With Fame

We’ve all got ideas in our heads of how our lives are going to play out. These ideas are almost always wrong. There are too many variables, too many random glitches that can change everything. In... Read more »

Video! Dirty Money Ft. Drake – “Loving You No More”

Here’s the visuals for Dirty Money’s “Loving You No More” featuring Drake. This is my shit!... Read more »

New! Bugatti Boyz – “Fountainbleu”

This is one smooth track. There’s one thing I like about Ross, and that is he has a great ear for choosing beats! & you can expect to hear Diddy talking a little bit of shit... Read more »

Dirty Money ft. Drake – “Loving You No More”

Despite all the negativity around Diddy’s Dirty Money project, and despite a lot of people’s dedication to hating on all things Diddy, this song is my shit. It leaked a while back and was called “Hurt“.... Read more »

New! Dirty Money – “I Want Your Love”

Here’s another joint off of Dirty Money’s *Last Train To Paris* LP, which will be dropping on June 28th. This cut is called “I Want Your Love” & is produced by Darkchild. That album cover is... Read more »

Video! Dirty Money Feat. Rick Ross & T.I. – “Hello, Good Morning”

Here’s the official visual for Diddy’s Dirty Money’s “Hello, Good Morning”, featuring Ricky Ross & T.I. Below is this same track, just subtract T.I.’s verse & add a verse from Nicki Minaj.... Read more »

The-Dream – "Champagne" ft. Diddy

The-Dream keeps it pretty smooth most of the time, but he let’s loose on this one over a fun synth that elicits that feeling of “I Want You Back”… except it’s about having champagne. I’m not... Read more »

New! Game Ft. Diddy – "Heartbreak Hotel"

I don’t pay much attention to the Game unless it’s his album, but this cut right here is off of his latest mixtape titled *The R.E.D. Room*. It’s called “Heartbreak Hotel” & it features Diddy getting... Read more »

Jay Electronica ft Diddy – "The Ghost of Christopher Wallace"

Whoa. Jay Elec channeling the Biggie energy? Honestly, I’ve always thought Jay Electronica was hyped up beyond what he’s proven via his rare flashes of brilliance. But even with the Diddy adlibs, this one goes. Jay... Read more »