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The Best Music Documentaries Streaming on Netflix Right Now

With Netflix it's possible to access thousands and thousands of movies at the mere click of a mouse, and the breadth and sheer choice of movies can be pretty overwhelming. Even if you narrow things down... Read more »

Watch a Fascinating Short Film on DFA Records

To celebrate the 12th anniversary of DFA Records, the Red Bull Music Academy has released 12 Years of DFA: Too Old To Be New, Too New To Be Classic, a short documentary that gives an inside look... Read more »

Watch The Official Documentary About The Pirate Bay

From album leaks to finding that obscure song, The Pirate Bay has been with you for a decade now. It was reported not too long ago that there would be a documentary about the BitTorrent search... Read more »

Watch the Trailer for a Documentary About The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is the world’s biggest BitTorrent tracker that allows for P2p file-sharing. It was founded in Sweden in 2003 and made popular by people looking to download music and movies for free. The founders... Read more »

Watch a Short Documentary on Haim

Haim makes great indie pop, and part of what makes their story interesting is the fact that the three central characters in the band are sisters. In this short documentary they talk about their roots, introduce... Read more »

Video: Fire Being Used as an Instrument

Thought fire was only for arson, forest burning, Hell, and Molotov cocktails? Wrong. It turns out fire can be used for good too. Here’s a short film called Combustion. In it, fire is used to make... Read more »

Go Inside The Lives Of Three Reclusive Black Metal Artists In A New Documentary

In One Man Metal, the newest documentary from Noisey, we get a look into the world of three black metal artists living isolated lives on the fringes of society. Even for those who aren’t fans of... Read more »

Watch A Documentary On The Making Of “Watch The Throne”

This documentary about the making of Jay-Z and Kanye West‘s Watch The Throne surfaced a while ago and then disappeared. Now it’s back, in full. Watch it below to see some personal moments between two of... Read more »

Watch A Documentary On The Band Phoenix

Phoenix, for a lot of us, really came out of nowhere. A couple of years ago, they reached instantaneous success after the release of Wolfgang Amadaeus Phoenix, an album that was pretty much everywhere upon its... Read more »

Video: American Juggalo (Gathering of the Juggalos Documentary)

For most people outside of Insane Clown Posse fans, The Gathering Of The Juggalos festival is a source of jokes and/or confusion. This documentary provides and interesting and artistic depiction of a small, marginalized slice of... Read more »

Odd Future Documentary – A Day In Ladera: OFWGKTA (Video)

Tyler, The Creator and his posse are always captivating subjects to observe. Half the time it feels as if they are trying to act crazy just because it’s expected of them, but that might be just... Read more »

Watch This Documentary Dissecting the Legendary Eli Porter Rap Battle

I’ve always loved documentaries because they make almost any topic seem fascinating. Ever seen Spellbound? It’s a documentary based around a spelling bee and it’s pure entertainment. So what happens when a documentary dives into a... Read more »

Video! Kid Cudi – The Journey Of Mr. Rager (Documentary)

Here’s the full length 20 minute documentary that gives a glimpse into the life of Kid Cudi over the past year. It includes video shoots, live performances, and behind the scenes footage. The full length documentary directed,... Read more »

Video! Bassweight: A Dubstep Documentary

Dubstep is in a weird position for a genre right now. It’s almost taking on the role of that artist that’s been around for years, but is suddenly blowing up and going mainstream. You’ve got  people... Read more »

Drake – Better Than Good (MTV Documentary)

If you didn’t see the Drake documentary tonight (seems like everyone on Twitter was watching), here it is, split up into 7 parts. Saw it at 2DopeBoyz. What struck me most is how well spoken Drake... Read more »