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Video: Diplo and Don Diablo – “Make You Pop”

Here’s the official video for Diplo and Don Diablo‘s “Make You Pop.” Remember Major Lazer’s “Original Don” video that featured those Youtube sensations who sword danced? “Make You Pop” was sent to Romana, a Dutch duo... Read more »

New! Don Diablo Ft. Dragonette – “Animale” (Why Are We Whispering Remix)

Why Are We Whispering (WAWW) delivers another remix. This time it’s actually a remix of a Don Diablo record that features Dragonette. Don Diablo ft. Dragonette – Animale will be released in the UK on 10th... Read more »

New! Dev – “Bass Down Low” (Why Are We Whispering Remix)

Here’s another remix by Why Are We Whispering (rapper iSH & producer Don Diablo). This time they take on Dev’s “Bass Down Low”. You can check out some in studio footage of them creating this song... Read more »

Martin Solveig & Dragonette – Hello (Why Are We Whispering Remix)

In 2011 I say we just ditch genre titles all together, because music is being pulled in so many different directions that simply calling a song “hip-hop” or “pop” or “indie rock” or whatever else you... Read more »

New! Don Diablo – "Teen Scream Machine" (Nightriders Remix)

The Nightriders whip up a very nice 80’s-esque remix to Don Diablo’s “Teen Scream Machine”, which was already a dope track. & also below we have a mash up of the Don’s “Teen Scream Machine” &... Read more »

New! Don Diablo & Sidney Samson – "Rise Up"

Don Diablo & Sidney Samson (another dope Dutch producer) teamed up in the studio to put together an entire project called the *Monster EP*. They have decided to share this joint off of the EP titled... Read more »

New! Frankmusik + Don Diablo + Ish – "Confusion Girl" (ReRemix)

Ish is a up & coming hip-hop artist from Toronto. He decided to jump on Don Diablo’s remix of Frankmusik’s “Confusion Girl“. Nothing crazy, but it’s not bad either. Shouts to WeLikeItIndie! Frankmusik & Don Diablo... Read more »

New! Larry Tee – "Let's Make Nasty" (Don Diable Remix)

Don Diablo got his hands on Larry Tee’s latest single “Let’s Make Nasty” & decided to remix it. I definitely dig this one more than the original. You already know what the Don brings to the... Read more »

New! Don Diablo + Jay-Z + Phoenix – "99 Fences"

Don Diablo got his hands on Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” acapella & some Phoenix stems to create this jam right here called “99 Fences”. Of course Don provided the smooth production on this one. Check it out!!... Read more »

New! Cassius – "Youth, Speed, Trouble, Cigarettes" (Don Diablo Remix)

Don Diablo remixes the French house band known as Cassius next single titled “Youth, Speed, Trouble, Cigarettes”. The original doesn’t officially come out until Nov 5th. You guys already what Don adds to the records that... Read more »

Don Diablo – Get On The Floor (ft. J-Rock & Big Ed)

Don Diablo has now nearly finished his debut album and some killer tunes will not make the album, ‘Get On The Floor’ is one of them. Don: “Some great songs just didn’t fit with the rest... Read more »

New! Don Diablo – "I Am Not From France" (Louis La Roche Remix)

For those who didn’t know, Don Diablo is not from France….no really, he is not from France! Nor is he from the UK or Italy for that matter! The Dutchman is proud to unleash the first... Read more »

New! Linus Loves – "Prom Night" (2 Remixes)

Here we have 2 remixes to Linus Loves hit, “Prom Night”. The first one is delivered by none other than Don Diablo! The 2nd is done by BURNs! Linus Loves – “Prom Night” (Don Diablo Remix)... Read more »

Michael Jackson Tributes!

Now I initially wasn’t going to do this, but I just stumbled upon 4 MJ tributes that I really feel are worth sharing. Two from The Roots + Erykah Badu, one from Don Diablo & the... Read more »

Don Diablo vs. The Roots – The Seed 3.0

Got something for you. Don’t ask questions. I have no idea. Saw this posted at a blog that was not in English, so I have no idea about the background. And I can’t listen to it... Read more »