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Deeper Than Punchlines: On The Intersection of Comedy and Hip-Hop

At first blush, hip-hop and comedy couldn’t be more different. Fictional assassin/actual Canadian Seth Rogen talked to comedian Hannibal Burress about the differences between a rapper’s larger-than-life character—“it’s totally acceptable to talk about how you are... Read more »

Drake Brings Out Surprise Guest Nicki Minaj at Coachella

Drake made headlines at this time last week when everyone was talking about Madonna coming out for a make-out session during his set at the first weekend in Coachella. So how do you top that? You don’t. For... Read more »

Drake Has A Collaboration With Beyoncé On ‘Views From The 6′

We all know what Drake was up to last weekend from a crowd perspective, but not many got to witness the behind-the-scenes of the events that led up to his performance. Four Pins’ Ernest Baker was... Read more »

The 20 Best New Albums Streaming on Spotify Right Now

20 years ago, a music junkie couldn't even comprehend what Spotify offers. We complain about the modern day struggles that come with streaming services and unlimited access to music, but at the end of the day,... Read more »

Download OG Ron C’s Chopped Version of Drake’s ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late’

Anytime Drake puts out new music, it’s usually only a matter of time until the remixes and edits start flooding in. Many have already come and gone quietly and quickly but today we finally get to... Read more »

“We Kissed at Coachella”: The Best Missed Connection of All Time

People go to music festivals for two things: The Music, or the hopes of meeting someone special and winding up in a porta-potty having a booze fueled fuck fest to the vibrations of a David Guetta... Read more »

Drake and Future Announce ‘The Jungle Tour’

It seems as if Drake is not slowing down from working for the next few weeks because his schedule just went from only rocking festivals, to now building a six-date tour in the month of May... Read more »

Coachella 2015 in Photos

Didn't get to go to Coachella this year and experienced major FOMO? Here are some of our favorite moments from Coachella 2015 in photos, starring Drake, The Weeknd, Tyler the Creator, Lykke Li, and more.... Read more »

Watch Drake Perform All Of His Hits Live at Coachella

It’s no secret that Drake usually performs well live, but thanks to a call from his mother before he hit the stage at Coachella, he went extra hard for his debut per her request. It seemed... Read more »

Watch Madonna Make Out With Drake at Coachella

Madonna has always known how to make headlines, and she’s not letting age stop her. During Drake’s set at Coachella last night, he performed his song “Madonna” from the If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late mixtape. When the... Read more »