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Stream e-dubble’s “Reset” EP

Out of the dozens of e-dubble songs we’ve heard over the years, we can count the times he’s collaborated with other artists on one hand. That’s a rare thing to say about a rapper/producer in 2012,... Read more »

e-dubble – “Cycle Of Nightmares”

In hip-hop, opening up isn’t the norm, but it’s always a dose of much-needed reality when a rapper decides to lay it all out on the line. For his latest track, “Cycle Of Nightmares,” e-dubble did... Read more »

Video Premiere: e-dubble – “Down”

Never one to shy away from getting introspective with his lyrics, e-dubble gets a video filled with symbolism and striking imagery for “Down,” the first single from his upcoming Reset EP, out November 6th. The video... Read more »

e-dubble – “Two Steps from Disaster”

“Two Steps from Disaster,” the latest from e-dubble, feels like an upbeat call for celebration, but as expected from e-dub, there’s more going on. Without getting too heavy, the rapper/producer gets some things of his chest... Read more »

iSH ft. e-dubble – “Demons”

iSH is back and bringing a lot of energy with this new record titled “Demons” featuring e-dubble. “Demons” is the first release off of iSH’s remix series titled THR3MIX. Free stream and download directly below!... Read more »

10 Free Songs You Should Download Right Now

Amidst all the drama of this week, plagued with fuckery-filled headlines and a never-ending stream of controversy, there has been plenty of good music to turn up in the headphones and assist you with forgetting about... Read more »

Premiere: e-dubble – “Honors Bio”

¬†e-dubble slows things down a little and even gets a little melodic with his flow on “Honors Bio.” Instead of keeping that tone throughout, things pick up for the chorus, and then 2:16 hits and things... Read more »

e-dubble – “Grey Skies” (Prod. by Villain)

Part of what e-dubble is known for is his production, but for “Grey Skies” he decided to hand the reigns over to Villain (aka Billy Martin of Good Charlotte) for a twist on the sound we’re... Read more »

Premiere: e-dubble – “Last Man Standing”

After a short break, e-dubble is back on a mission. As always, the big man from Baltimore¬†is heated and coming with some shit to get you riled up. “Last Man Standing” is another testament to why... Read more »

Artists We Want To See Blow Up In 2012

Anyone can make a short list of the artists buzzing right now. Do you have the internet? Yes? Then you know who is buzzing, because you can’t avoid them. Within 20 minutes of them releasing a... Read more »