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Earl Sweatshirt Announces 29 More Summer Tour Dates

If you have been doubting Earl Sweatshirt‘s work ethic lately, think again. Not only has the Odd Future rapper been promoting his latest album I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside with appearances on late... Read more »

Watch Earl Sweatshirt and BADBADNOTGOOD Perform “AM // Radio” and “Grief”

Earl Sweatshirt’s I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside album got a big look on late night TV last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live. BADBADNOTGOOD provided the moody backdrop for Earl’s raps, as he got into “AM... Read more »

The Week On Twitter With Action Bronson, Grimes, and Earl Sweatshirt

This week on Twitter: – Action Bronson encourages independent artists – Grimes shares her love for FKA Twigs – Earl Sweatshirt tells us to not label him as a #sadguy Here is the week on twitter.... Read more »

How Earl Sweatshirt Achieved Complete Transparency in 10 Minutes

It’s three in the morning and raining in Los Angeles. Earl Sweatshirt can’t sleep. He uses every muscle in his body to clamber out of bed and limp into his dimly lit home studio. On the... Read more »

Listen to the 10 Minute Project Earl Sweatshirt Made for His Mom

In a recent interview with NPR, Earl Sweatshirt revealed that he had recorded a special project dedicated to his mother. “We set up a studio at my house and I did a little project real real... Read more »

15 Songs to Kickstart the Weekend

With Friday winding down, you might need a little lift to see you into the weekend. We can help.... Read more »

The 20 Best New Albums Streaming on Spotify Right Now

20 years ago, a music junkie couldn't even comprehend what Spotify offers. We complain about the modern day struggles that come with streaming services and unlimited access to music, but at the end of the day,... Read more »

Songs That Need to be Remixed by Rappers

It's strange to think that back in the '60s, nobody ever heard a song and thought, "Oh shit, so-and-so should remix this." These days, especially for people that grew up on hip-hop and electronic music, it's... Read more »

Time Warp: Music Facts That Put 2015 in Perspective

These music facts will put 2015 in perspective. How old is the Nirvana baby now? How much was Hendrix for his legendary Woodstock headlining performance? Prepare for your mind to be blown.... Read more »

Best Songs of the Month

With so much good music steadily coming through, it's easy to miss out on some of the best. To help prevent this, we've rounded up the best songs from the past month. Here are the songs... Read more »