Run The Jewels Have Officially Completed ‘Meow The Jewels’

'Meow The Jewels' is coming much sooner than later.... Read more »

Banksy Interviews Run The Jewels, Asks About The YouTube Videos That Make Them Cry

Banksy just announced a pop-up art installation/theme park in England called Dismaland (get it?) that will be open starting today through September 27. With art... Read more »

El-P Shared the Original Email That Spawned Run The Jewels’ Logo

El-P shares how one simple email led to the now famous logo.... Read more »

Watch Run The Jewels Use Facts to Defend Rioting in Ferguson

The socially minded duo takes on the powers that be to defend riot tactics... Read more »

The Week On Twitter With El-P, Vince Staples, and St Vincent

This week on Twitter: – El-P goes on an emotional rollercoaster about grapes – Vince Staples reminds us of something very important – St. Vincent... Read more »

Run The Jewels Preview El-P’s Contribution to the ‘Fantastic Four’ Movie Soundtrack

El-P and Killer Mike—collectively Run The Jewels—stay busy. When they’re not remaking their last album with cat sounds (for charity, of course), dropping knowledge in interviews,... Read more »

‘Meow The Jewels’ is Coming in September and It Will Feature Massive Attack

In the beginning, Meow The Jewels was a mere joke. But thanks to Killer Mike and El-P teaming up with the internet, it is now... Read more »

Listen To “Meowrly,” The First Cut Off ‘Meow The Jewels’

The long-awaited Meow The Jewels—the feline version of new classic RTJ2— is almost here. El-P and Killer Mike shared the album’s debut single, “Meowrly” (that... Read more »

Killer Mike to Bill O’Reilly: “You’re A Woman Beater”

As they continue the summer whirlwind of festival shows, TV appearances, and radio interviews, Run The Jewels somehow manages to keep things fresh. This time... Read more »

Someone Unexpected Helped Soundtrack the New ‘Fantastic Four’ Film

Judging by the teaser for the new Fantastic Four reboot, it’s going to be pretty different from the previous attempts to bring the comic book... Read more »

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