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Elton John on Bruce Jenner’s Transition: “It’s an incredibly brave thing to do”

Tonight, Diane Sawyer’s interview with Bruce Jenner will air. During it, Bruce will address the speculation surrounding his reported transition from male to female, and promotional clips suggest that it’s going to get very personal. Before that happens, Elton... Read more »

Miguel ft. Wale – “Bennie and the Jets (Elton John Cover)”

Elton John’s going all out for the 40th anniversary of his Goodbye Yellow Brick Road album, which will be re-released next week with a live album CD, a DVD of his 1973 film, a 100-page illustrated... Read more »

Elton John Wants to Make Hip-Hop Records With Pharrell, Loves Kanye West

At 66 years old, you’d think that Sir Elton John would be past the point of reinventing his career. However, in an interview with Rolling Stone, the crown prince of English pop revealed that he wouldn’t be... Read more »

Watch Elton John Speak Out on Gay Rights During a Concert in Russia

Russia’s new law prohibiting “homosexual propaganda” has set off protests around the globe. The law has essentially made it illegal to be gay in public and has set off a string of violent incidents across the... Read more »

Lunice Would Like to Collaborate With Elton John

For his edition of Mass Appeal’s “Off the Wall” interview series, Lunice dug into many things that you might not have realized, like how breakdancing and beatboxing helped build his curiosity and make him start producing.... Read more »

Video: Elton John Says Madonna’s Career Is Over

Over the years, Elton John has shown a lot of support for other artists, but in this latest interview he takes on a slightly different tone when talking about Madonna. Without further ado, here is the... Read more »

Our Favorite Music Moments in Film

When done right, playing the right song at the right time in a movie can make a scene immortal. These moments in movies become burned into our memories, forever joining the scene and the song. In... Read more »

20 Pictures Of Musicians And Their Spouses

We’ve imagined musicians as hipsters and as animals, and we’ve seen them with their pets. This time around, we see them in a more normal light. Here are 20 pictures of rock stars and their spouses. Check out... Read more »

10 Pictures Of Musicians With Dolphins

Dolphins are smart as fuck. They communicate via a secret language of squeaky chirping and cackling, they are even better at technology than most middle-aged humans, and studies show that they even think about the future, which... Read more »

Video: Elton John Dedicates “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” To Whitney Houston

At his show last night, Elton John paid tribute to Whitney Houston with this touching performance. Before getting into “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me,” Elton said this: “You forget, with all the troubles... Read more »