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Listen to Canadian Rapper Emay’s “Sinner, Song-Writer” EP

We’ve gotten used to hearing the confident, introspective delivery of Canadian rapper Emay over his own production, but his new Sinner-Songwriter EP features some work from some of his favorite beatmakers like Star Slinger, Giraffage, and... Read more »

Premiere: Emay & Star Slinger – “Who Am I”

Remember Emay? The Canadian rapper/producer is back and readying a new project. The Sinner, Song-Writer EP is out December 16, and “Who Am I” is the first release from it. The EP also features guest appearances... Read more »

Emay – “Wudhu (Cleanlinessness)”

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Emay. The Canadian producer/rapper’s last full-length project was the free album Adam back in April of 2012, but Emay doesn’t exactly run on a schedule, musically speaking. He’s... Read more »

10 Free Songs You Should Download Right Now

Every Sunday we collect the best free music we can find and put it all in one place. If you fell behind or just feel like building up your iTunes, we’ve got you covered. Enjoy. Hit... Read more »

Emay – “Into It” EP

We previously put you onto Emay with a premiere of “Five Years,” and today marks the Potholes Music release of Emay’s Into It EP. The source material for the music on this EP is culled from... Read more »

Premiere: Emay – “Five Years”

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Emay. The rapper/producer is getting ready to drop his Into It EP, a concept project that samples the indie band Ramona Fall’s 2009 Intuit album on October 30.... Read more »

Potholes Music’s “Distant Arcade” Compilation

Potholes In My Blog‘s label, Potholes Music, has released its first label compilation album. Featuring new songs from each of their 12 signees, the space theme – that is, the cosmos and the like – of... Read more »

Free Album: Emay – “Adam”

Last month, I was talking to Emay about his upcoming project. I’m a fan of his music, but he’s never seemed to keep up with the way things happen on the internet. At least, that’s how... Read more »

Emay – “Igneous ROCKstar” & “No Sign”

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Emay. After running through these two tracks, though, it’s clear that his skills have not been dulled by the time spent off the blogosphere. The flow is refreshingly... Read more »

P&P Interview: Emay

Emay‘s music has been winning over fans left and right (check out his latest EP here), but we still haven’t spent the time to introduce you to Emay (Mubarik Adams) the person. The thing is, this... Read more »

Emay – Incorruptible (EP)

It seems like these days, everyone is a rapper. New artists pop up each day, and it’s hard to really stand out, especially since so many rappers are following trends instead of creating them. In this... Read more »

Emay – Mind Altering Dynamics

Here it is. I’m happy to put the Pigeons and Planes stamp of approval on this one. Over the past 6 months or so, I’ve become a fan of producer/emcee Emay. His music kinda brings me... Read more »

Emay – So Beautiful

Emay‘s music clicked with me on the first listen. As a longtime fan of underground hip-hop, I’ve always appreciated hip-hop music that goes deeper than most of what we’re accustomed to hearing on the radio or... Read more »

Emay – Racist On Purpose

The latest from Canadian rapper/producer Emay. This kid has talent, really looking forward to hearing his future work. Hey, it’s Emay here and I have this new track called Racist On Purpose and the concept of this song... Read more »

Seeing Suge – Breaking

Last time we heard from Emay, it was the playful “Douche Lincolns“. This time, he’s linked up with a couple of other creative minds for the spacey “Breaking” from the group’s (known as Seeing Suge) debut... Read more »