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Estelle & John Legend – Sing and Flow (Free EP)

Estelle and John Legend link up for The Duets, a free EP featuring some reworked songs and a take on Jay Electronica’s “Shiny Suit Theory” (although Estelle’s rhymes compared to Jay Electronica’s are cringe-worthy at times). I’m a... Read more »

Video! Reflection Eternal ft. Estelle – "Midnight Hour"

Here’s the video for Reflection Eternal (Talib & Hi-Tek) and Estelle’s “Midnight Hour” from Revolutions Per Minute, out May 18th. Preorder that here. Hi-Tek and Kweli go together like Doug and Skeeter. Estelle can be Patty... Read more »

Reflection Eternal – "Midnight Hour" ft. Estelle

Talib Kweli and producer Hi-Tek are back with this joint from their upcoming album Revolutions Per Minute, out May 18th. It’s a cool track with a retro soul pop feel to it, but the beat is... Read more »

Video! David Guetta Ft. Estelle – "One Love"

Here’s the official visual for David Guetta’s “One Love” cut featuring Estelle! Pigeons and Planes... Read more »

New! Estelle Ft. John Legend & Ludacris – "All Night Long"

Ok so I thought this was John Legends song @ first. Well, it’s Estelle’s. Here is the full/finished version of it without tags. I think they should’ve either gave Luda 2 verses, gave John Legend a... Read more »

New! John Legend Ft. Ludacris & Estelle – "All Night Long" [Tags]

I’m a huge John Legend fan, but is he using auto tune on this? Anyhoot, this is unfinished (sounds like it isn’t even mixed & mastered even) & has a few tags on it. Definitely need... Read more »

New! DJ Class ft. Kanye West & Estelle- I'm The Shit Remix

I thought this song would get no more done to it but boy was I wrong. Looks like they dug up the American Boy duo again to give this song an extra kick. I kind of... Read more »

New! Busta Rhymes ft. Estelle- World Goes Round

So this song actually was leaked/released a while ago but it had some other random girl singing the female part and this time its Estelle. Estelle is a mystery to me, she has a song like... Read more »

Grammy Performances (Videos)

I posted the Radiohead, Jay-z/Coldplay, and S.L.U. performances last night. Here are some of the others. T.I. ft. Timberlake Estelle and Kanye Katy Perry Paul McCartney and Dave Grohl Jonas Brothers and Stevie Wonder (why?) Lil... Read more »

Gym Class Heroes – Tracks from The Quilt

Today I listened to The Quilt in full for the first time, so here are some thoughts and some tracks. Gym Class Heroes have a tendency to take things in a really poppy direction musically. Seems... Read more »