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Video: Frank Ramz – “Icons”

From the beginning, we’ve known Frank Ramz can go in lyrically. That was never a question, but with this one it feels like he’s reached a breaking point. He delivers intensely and directly, but despite fiery... Read more »

Video: Noah Vinson ft. Frank Ramz & Rich-P – “H.I.H”

P&P’s own Frank Ramz linked up with Noah Vinson and Rich-P for this new cut. “H.I.H” has a sinister synth-driven beat for three young New Yorkers to lace with their mission statement. Noah says: The Basic... Read more »

Album: Frank Ramz – “Quite Frankly”

Frank Ramz‘ Quite Frankly has finally arrived. Working with Ramz over the past few years has given me a lot of insight into what he’s all about, and one of the things that stands out most... Read more »

Frank Ramz – “Time’s Of The Essence”

It’s been a long time coming. Quite Frankly will be out April 30th, but here’s the second single off of his project. “Time’s Of The Essence” is yet another example of Frank Ramz not fucking around. Of... Read more »

Frank Ramz – “Gold Mine”

“If I could get a penny for my thoughts then this head up on my shoulders is a motherfucking gold mine.” You hear the emphasis on that “fucking?” That’s not style, that’s not swag, that’s not... Read more »

Yung Nate ft. Show TuFli & Frank Ramz – “Whatchu Livin’ Like” (Prod Woody)

Woody recently drop a pretty dope instrumental tape titled Lemons. You can check out his new website to download it for free or just click here. For the rest, I’ll let Rich from DJ Booth explain.... Read more »

Frank Ramz – “Brief Intermission 2.0″

We’ve been patiently waiting for Frank Ramz‘ big release, Quite Frankly, but being the perfectionist that he is, Ramzy is taking his time to make sure everything is exactly how he wants it. In the meantime, he’s... Read more »

Frank Ramz – “A Bronx Tale”

Frank Ramz gets really real on this one. Over a piano-laced beat, Ramz touches on growing up in the Bronx amidst violence, wild behavior, and no father figure. He goes into some deep stuff, but delivers it... Read more »

Frank Ramz – “Kamo Rambo”

I was getting ready to post this one yesterday and right after I listened, I started getting horrible pain in my abdomen. I ended up in the emergency room for the night, drifting in and out... Read more »

Frank Ramz – Frankenstein II: F#ck Yall (Mixtape)

Pigeons and Planes family member Frank Ramz decided to let loose on some industry beats. Pow, pow, pow. Right? Right. We’re still waiting to hear his upcoming Quite Frankly project, but for now, we’ll gladly accept a... Read more »

*Show Reminder* Pigeons & Planes Present: e-dubble at Public Assembly (Also ft. Frank Ramz, Carlos St. John, & Gorilla Warfare Tactics)

Ramzy here! Just wanted to give you all a friendly reminder that the 1st ever Pigeons & Planes presented show is going down in 3 days!! This Friday, July 29th, at Public Assembly in Brooklyn, NYC!!!... Read more »

Pigeons and Planes Presents: e-dubble at Public Assembly (Also ft. Frank Ramz, Carlos St. John, and Gorilla Warfare Tactics)

Yep, it’s happening. July 29th. The always entertaining Lowkey from You Heard That New will be hosting, and we’ve got performances from four acts that Pigeons and Planes has been supporting for a long time. Should... Read more »

Frank Ramz – “Monster Ball”

New music from resident rapper Frank Ramz, but this one, like “Caution!“, isn’t from the upcoming Quite Frankly. If you heard Ramzy on dwnd radio you heard him spit the first few lines of this joint, which... Read more »

Frank Ramz – “Caution!”

It’s kind of funny to me that Frank Ramz doesn’t like to post his own music on here. Rappers usually love to talk about their music. Give them a platform, channel, or open ear and they... Read more »

Video! Frank Ramz – “Coffee Cold Freeverse”

Noah Tweeted about this instrumental song the other day, and ever since it’s been my obsession – the first song I listen to when I wake up, the soundtrack to my sandwich making, the looped background... Read more »