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Video: Fucked Up Performs “Jingle Bells”

For those who are unfamiliar with Anthony Bourdain, he’s the badass New York-based chef, writer, and host of the Travel Network show, No Reservations. For their holiday show, Fucked Up made an appearance and performed a…... Read more »

Wavves ft. Fucked Up – “Destroy”

Wavves, the Nathan Williams led surf rock trio, have the wonderfully named Life Sux EP out the 20th September, and this is the third track we’ve heard from the EP. Whilst “I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl”... Read more »

Good Morning.

I guess by now you’re either sleeping or partying really hard. Or in a different time zone (still don’t get how that works.) It’s like 5am here and (as usual) I can’t sleep. I’m thinking about... Read more »

Fox News Interview with Fucked Up's lead singer (Video)

Kind of weird to see a guy in a turtleneck and a blazer interview a guy nicknamed “Pinkeyes” (think twisted porn), who commonly cuts his forehead open and bleeds while performing as lead singer with a... Read more »

Fucked Up – Tracks from The Chemistry of Common Life

Here is what some critics have said of Fucked Up: “They are like nothing you’ve ever heard before and everything you one day hoped you would, too strong for the charts and too corrupting for MTV.”... Read more »