If Snoop Dogg Rapped Like Migos, it Would Sound Like This

Ever wonder what it would sound like if Snoop Dogg adopted the Migos flow and went in over trap beats? Check this out.... Read more »

Vote Now! Battle of Songs with the Same Name

It's time to make some hard choices.... Read more »

Watch the Foo Fighters Rickroll a Westboro Baptist Church Protest

Fighting hate with some good, old-fashioned trolling.... Read more »

Watch James Brown Star in a 1992 Japanese Commercial For Miso Soup

In the never-ending news feed surrounding music today, sometimes it’s the vintage stuff that stands out. What we have here is an incredible Japanese commercial... Read more »

10 Things Every Music Fanatic Can Relate To

If you love music like we do, you've definitely been in these situations.... Read more »

These Gory Anti-Piracy Ads From 2007 Are Too Much

By now it should be clear, “education” about the dangers of piracy through questionable adverts won’t stop people downloading a new album from their favorite... Read more »

Advice Macklemore Almost Included in “Growing Up”

Macklemore gives some great advice to his newborn daughter on "Growing Up," but his rough drafts had some not-so-great advice. See for yourself.... Read more »

A Brief History of EDM DJs Trolling Crowds

The DJ troll is an art form like any other.... Read more »

The Real Winner of Drake vs. Meek Mill: The Memes

Just when we think it's dying down, the Drake/Meek Mill beef keeps flaring up. By now, however, there's a clear winner: the internet ... Read more »

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