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The Obama Family’s Best Music Moments

The Obamas. They're a family you have come to love (or hate... haters), but you can't deny that this is one of the coolest families to be in the White House since maybe the Kennedys. They're... Read more »

Rough Drafts of Hit Songs

The song writing process is different for every musician. Whether it’s written in a notebook, typed in a Blackberry with the side scroll, or memorized in their head, every artist has their own method of creating... Read more »

Saturday Submissions 2

We still haven't figured out exactly how to deal with submissions. Pigeons & Planes was founded on the idea of providing a balance—of genres, of jokes and serious content, and most important, of indie and mainstream.... Read more »

Here’s A Funny Video From 2010: “Head In The Wip (While The Chick Was Driving)”

Throwback Thursday, or #TBT, is a well known practice that gives people the opportunity to post pictures of themselves in their prime, pictures of their pets when they were still cute, or their old songs about... Read more »

Prince Doing Normal People Things

Last week, Prince—the legend, the enigma—went to weekly LA club night Low End Theory, and checked out a DJ set by Chicago footwork don DJ Spinn, proving that he occasionally comes down from his Purple castle in... Read more »

10 Times Pitbull Was Your Dad

When it comes to music, there’s everything that’s likable or even tolerable… and then there’s Pitbull. The “rapper” has made a career out of corny quote-filled lyrics, ridiculous outfits, questionable dance moves, and his unabashed love... Read more »

Drake Goes To Coachella: A Love Story?

It’s Friday afternoon of Coachella weekend and the OVO crew is goin’ up in Drake’s tour bus. Smoke is in the air and everyone is drinking, laughing, and having a good time. Except Drake is sitting... Read more »

10 Problems Only the Modern Music Fan Understands

The music industry is evolving at a pace faster than many of us can handle. As things continue to change for the better, we also end up creating new problems. When your parents would complain about... Read more »

Here’s the Korean Equivalent of OG Maco’s “U Guessed It”

Internationally, a lot of hip-hop artists look to America for inspiration. Sometimes it’s not so obvious, but these Korean rappers (and Japanese—the last two rappers in the posse cut are Japanese) don’t hide their sources. They... Read more »

Blowchella, Death Rowchella, and Metro Boomin Want Some Mochella

Yesterday, when Coachella released their lineup, our immediate thought at Pigeons & Planes was, “How can we make fun of this?” Our first thought was Brochella, but we soon realized that it had already been done.... Read more »

The Rapper’s Guide to Using Your Money Correctly

While us regular folks stay putting money in our wallets or bank accounts, rappers are always getting creative with their guap. From Lil Boosie covering his driveway in cash to Nelly making a credit deposit to... Read more »

The Best (and Most Ridiculous) Plies Instagram Videos

Plies had a big 2014. He dropped two mixtapes, spewed infinite knowledge on Twitter, and even inspired a line of Christmas cards. Lately Plies has been a more active user of Instagram's video feature, and is... Read more »

Confessions of a Teenage Fangirl

Never joke about your fan fiction with your boss because he will want to read it, and after he skims through it, he will make you write about being a fangirl. This is exactly what happened... Read more »

14 GIFs That Make Us Glad 2014 is Over

There was a lot of stuff in 2014 that we loved (see here, here, here, and here). But there was also a lot of stuff that made us cringe, sigh, SMDH, jump out a window, and... Read more »

Viper is a Struggle Rapper Who Released 333 Albums This Year

This morning I received a text from my friend that read: “New viper. *fire emoji x 5*” with an attached image of one of Viper’s latest releases, I’m Better Than U 2. For the uninitiated, Viper... Read more »