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Why Hasn’t Bangladesh Been Producing More?

One standout on Meek Mill’s new Dreams Worth More Than Money is “Classic,” featuring Swizz Beats, Jeremih, and masterful production by Bangladesh. The beat is crazy, mostly anchored by some lazy piano keys and flurries of percussion... Read more »

Stephen Colbert Interviewed Eminem On A Public Access Cable Show And It’s Hilarious

Stephen Colbert may be in between hosting duties (having just left The Colbert Show and getting ready to launch The Late Show with Stephen Colbert this fall), but he’s not staying idle. Instead, Colbert is keeping... Read more »

No, Concerts Should Not End at 11 P.M.

By Justin Charity Last week, Gawker published a brief essay in which writer Kelly Conaboy insisted that concerts should end before midnight. “When a concert ends at 11 p.m.,” she says, “you get home at a reasonable... Read more »

Watch What Happens When Old People Go To Bonnaroo

Teens, young adults, and middle-aged people are so boring. They are so painfully mediocre. The only people worth paying attention to are children and the elderly. For this new Funny Or Die video, it’s the olds who... Read more »

Smash Mouth Singer Loses it During a Show, Threatens to Beat Up a Fan

Smash Mouth is responsible for some of the most corny, fun music of the late ’90s with songs like “Walkin’ on the Sun” and “All Star.” Fans at Taste of Fort Collins in Colorado, a community celebration involving... Read more »

11 Videos of Today’s Music Stars Before They Were Famous

You've got to start somewhere. It doesn't matter if you're covering TIME magazine or just starting to climb the blog charts: as smartphones become increasingly omnipresent, more and more videos of music's stars before the fame... Read more »

Born to be Pretty: Pairing Other Legendary Musicians With Current Rappers

Kanye West and Paul McCartney have been showing that non-rap music legends and current rappers can make great music together since the beginning of the year when "Only One" was released. Then A$AP Rocky came along... Read more »

Dave Matthews Poopgate: Revisiting the Bridge

11 years ago, a Dave Matthews Band tour bus dumped poop off a bridge in Chicago and onto unsuspecting tourists in Chicago. We revisit the scene.... Read more »

Drake, Jeezy, Papoose, and Pitbull Star in “The Rap Pack Part II”

Part one of “The Rap Pack” is a cult classic, a critically acclaimed piece of fan fiction that is at once challenging, inspiring, and laugh-out-loud funny. Today, author John Walaszek delivers the long-awaited sequel. Here is “The Rap... Read more »

The Corniest Rap Songs (That We Secretly Love)

Before we started this post, we tried to define what makes a rap song corny, but we couldn't do it. There are too many factors. Sometimes it's an awkwardly ambitious chorus, sometimes it's a beat that... Read more »