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Even the Australian Police are Taking Shots at Nickelback

The weight that Nickelback carry on their back everywhere they go as one of the most hated bands of all time must be huge. It’s not easy getting that many people to dislike you, although they do seem to... Read more »

Someone Compiled Every Michael Jackson Grunt in One Video

This is weird and unnecessary and pointless and a little creepy, but it’s Saturday! So, here is a video which includes—or at least claims to include—every Michael Jackson grunt. MJ loved to grunt, and he was... Read more »

Moms, Rap Music, and Twitter: A Strange, Hilarious, Beautiful Relationship

Moms and rap. Two important elements in life, but usually better served separately. When introduced to one another they will either clash violently or come together to create a beautiful bond. Both scenarios are equally entertaining. It’s also well known that moms... Read more »

10 Types of People You Meet at Every Music Festival

We hate to generalize, but there are only 10 types of people at music festivals. It doesn't matter if the festival is in Indio, California, or Reykjavik, Iceland—it's the same crowd, consisting of the same people.... Read more »

Watch a Short Parody Film About Drake’s Biggest Fanboy

Think you’re a Drake fan? Not like this guy. A mix of moody and hilarious, this short film explores the mindset of a true Drake fanatic, who defends his favorite artist from all hate and criticism.... Read more »

This #TidalFacts Parody Twitter Account is Hilarious

Look, this Tidal business is no joke. Music streaming—and the entire music industry, really—is in a weird place, and starting a new business based around a streaming model has proven extremely complicated, even for the most... Read more »

If There Was Twitter When Napster Got Shut Down…

On July 11, 2001, the popular, controversial, and revolutionary file sharing website Napster shut down their service in compliance with an injunction from an ongoing lawsuit filed by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Just... Read more »

Tweet That: Artists Whose Social Media is Better Than Their Music

Musicians nowadays have to strike a balance when it comes to their output: not only are they expected to maintain a steady track record of singles, mixtapes, albums, touring, et cetera, but there's also the added... Read more »

Hacker Takes Over Prince’s Facebook Page, Posts About Omelettes

Prince on Facebook was almost too good to be true. He’s gained a reputation for steering clear of social media and the internet in general, and when he finally set up a Facebook Q&A for fans, he... Read more »

Emails to Yeezus: A Look Inside Kanye West’s Inbox

On Vic Mensa's "U Mad," Kanye West proudly reveals, "I got 700 emails in my inbox, what that mean? I ain't callin' nobody back." It got us wondering what kind of emails were in Kanye's inbox,... Read more »