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The Most Ridiculous Music-Related wikiHow How-To Guides

Searching specific how-to’s on the internet is something many of us do pretty regularly. Whether you need to know how to baste the Thanksgiving turkey or unlock an iPhone, wikiHow—a website that anyone can edit—is one of... Read more »

10 Times Rappers Failed at Math

Rappers like counting money, boasting about money, and boasting about how much money they're counting, but sometimes their math goes a little bit wrong. From Rick Ross and Jay Z to Canibus and Lil' Kim, here... Read more »

We Made Starter Packs For Your Favorite Artists

The internet, amirite?! If you spend all day on Twitter, hoping famous rappers will reply to your tweets like we do, you will have seen the “starter pack” meme.* Like most memes, it’s both dumb and occasionally... Read more »

10 Rappers Hoping to Get Famous on Instagram

Let's face it: the struggle is all too real when it comes to getting noticed as an independent young artist. Everybody is a rapper these days, it seems, and these 15 artists are only a tiny... Read more »

If You Google “Twitter Rant,” Kanye West’s Twitter Account is the First Result

We stumbled upon this Google gem today and couldn’t help but share it. If you Google “twitter rant,” Kanye West’s official Twitter page is the first result. It makes sense—Kanye’s Twitter rants are beautiful. That is all.... Read more »

10 Awesome Music Apps We Wish Existed

Even with the hundreds of applications available to be downloaded onto your phone right at this moment, it’s not uncommon to find yourself wishing there was an app to help you do whatever frustrating task you’re... Read more »

An Open Letter to Modern Music, From YouTube Commenters

Dear Illuminati, I am writing you on behalf of the Youtube Comment Commission. We’ve noticed a few troubling trends in the modern music industry that we would like to bring to your attention. First and foremost,... Read more »

10 Signs You’re Getting Old

Getting older sucks. One minute you're out dancing all night, taking shots, listening to obnoxiously loud music, and next thing you know, you're getting an email from Netflix like, "Congrats! You've watched our entire catalog. Get... Read more »

A Drunken Review of Taylor Swift’s New Album

For some reason Confusion agreed to let me get drunk and review the new Taylor Swift album. So after work on Wednesday, I went to the store and bought a bottle of rum, Oreos, and 1989. I... Read more »

Drake Shares and Reacts to Drake Halloween Costumes on Instagram

You haven’t really made it until people are dressing up as you for Halloween. Each year, we’re seeing more and more Drake costumes, and last night Drizzy himself took to Instagram to share and react to... Read more »


Um, happy Halloween... Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: Pages From Drake’s Notebook

The notebook was laying in an alley behind Warehouse in Houston. It was tattered and smelled of Hennessy and tears. I immediately knew there was something special about the notebook, so honestly I wasn’t too surprised... Read more »

Watch New Yorkers Try to Decipher Young Thug Lyrics

If you have no idea what Young Thug is saying in “Lifestyle,” you’re not alone. Complex hit the streets with The Kid Mero to get some New Yorkers to listen and try to interpret Thugger’s rhymes. They... Read more »

15 Drake-Related Gifts You Can Buy Right Now

Literally October's very own, Drake celebrates his 28th birthday tomorrow, October 24. We know first-hand how difficult finding the perfect gift can be, so we've compiled a list of some Drake-inspired items in honor of the... Read more »

See The Bigger Picture Behind Famous Album Covers

Although the increase in streaming and move towards digital instead of physical music sales has taken the focus away from album covers somewhat, it remains impossible to talk about some albums without their classic covers immediately coming... Read more »