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Wolf Pupy Made 10 Comics For Pigeons & Planes

hi, i’m wolf pupy. i draw comics, make tweets and cause a lot of problems. i have made 10 comics for this site, some of them are about music, some of them are about birds, i... Read more »

10 Things That Were Happening When Lil Wayne Released Tha Carter

2004 was a weird time. We were still using T9 word to text our friends on our Motorola Razr. No one was trying to keep up with the Kardashians. I had to wear a retainer all... Read more »

Cruel Summer: The Horrible Summer Jobs of Your Favorite Rappers

The last few weeks of the school year can be unbearable. The days get longer, the assignments tedious, and finals loom like a depressing fog. For all the anxiety that comes with waiting for classes to... Read more »

I’m Quitting My Job (A Response to “I’m Quitting Rap”)

As of today, I’m quitting my job. Yes, I am quitting my job. The reason is that it’s not fun and I don’t like it, and that’s the truth. A year ago, I got the job... Read more »

Watch Drake Smoke Weed on Stage For The First Time Ever

Drake is so funny sometimes. It’s like he knows that he can be a little corny and he embraces it so fully that it’s not even corny any more. He’s like the Nicolas Cage of rap.... Read more »

Here Are the Notes I Wrote in My Phone During Governors Ball 2014

I go to every festival thinking I’m going to leave with something profound to say, but I always leave festivals sunburned and exhausted and with nothing to share. I go in thinking that I’ll capture stunning... Read more »

Hear Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” Like You’ve Never Heard it Before

Don’t front. You know all of the words to “Baby Got Back.” It’s an undeniable classic, with its perfect balance of cheesiness and fun. Recently, Sir Mix-A-Lot and purveyor of big butts surprised the crowd at... Read more »

This Girl Makes Amazing Portraits of Your Favorite Musicians With Leftover Food

I love food. And obviously, I love music, too. I bake cakes while listening to Clipse or Kanye West, because that’s what makes sense to me. I even cooked up food references that Action Bronson and... Read more »

I Listened to Lil B For 24 Hours Straight, and This Is What Happened

I’ve been thinking about doing something this ridiculous for a while. I mean, Lil B has a LOT of music. It varies wildly in quality, and a 24 hour marathon of his music seems like the... Read more »

This is How People in London Reacted to Cam’ron Not Showing Up to His Own Concert

Last night, Tuesday June 3, Cam’ron was scheduled to perform at The Forum in Kentish town, London, for what would have been his first UK show in a decade. After Skepta and his Boy Better Know crew performed... Read more »

Nobody Recognizes Ryan Lewis, Even When They’re Talking to Him

After Drake successfully trolled people on the street in LA by donning a wig and fake beard and asking them what they thought about Drake for a hilarious Jimmy Kimmel segment (watch here), Macklemore’s producer Ryan... Read more »

20 of the Most Memorable Dance Scenes in Movies

A lot of great movies have a single, memorable scene that defines them and is the first thing that springs to mind when the title is mentioned. For us, at least, a lot of those memorable... Read more »

“Hippie will you be mine?”: Hilarious and Creepy Missed Connections From Concerts

Going to a music festival usually means dedicating many hours to being in very packed crowds. It's likely that you will stand next to the same person for a good portion of your day, so bonding... Read more »

Drake’s Dad is the Best at Instagram

Last week my mom called me, very frustrated. “Your father made me put all my documents into folders and now I can’t find any of the documents,” she explained. “When I put them in the folder,... Read more »

Turn Your Name Into Music With This Cool App

Just last week we were helping you waste hours of your time with the 808 Cube, a type of musical Rubix cube that was incredibly addictive, and here’s another web-based time-eater. With Patatap, each key on... Read more »