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Buy Willie Nelson’s Old Tour Bus on Craigslist Because Why Not?

Right now, Willie Nelson’s old tour bus from 1986 is up for grabs on Craigslist. Originally set at $36,000, the bus—featuring wood panelled walls, red velvet curtains, and probably a sizeable hidden stash of marijuana—is now... Read more »

Can Weed Save Classical Music?

Probably not. But the Colorado Symphony Orchestra is going to test the waters with a concert series called Classically Cannabis: The High Note. It’s one of many weed-friendly events popping up in newly legalized Colorado. The... Read more »

“The Dark Side of the Covers”: Famous Album Covers Reimagined From the Other Side

Album covers like The Beatles’ Abbey Road and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon have become just as well-known as many famous paintings. But have you ever wondered what these iconic images look like from... Read more »

420 Appropriate Songs That Happen to be 4:20 Long

There are lots of 420 playlists out there already. In fact, it's not really that hard to make your own. A bit of Snoop, a bit of Bob Marley, a few classics everyone knows and loves,... Read more »

This Tumblr Proves There’s a Connection Between Hip-Hop and Pre-16th Century Art

Have you ever looked at 2 Chainz and been like, “Call me crazy, but he bears a STRIKING resemblance to Quentin Massys’s Ecce Homo from around 1520?” Well, you’re not alone. Cecilia Azacarte is an art... Read more »

15 Indie Rockers Who Would Probably Make Great Rappers

Between indie rock and hip-hop, only a handful of collaborations or crossovers have sprung up over the years that you could point to as important moments in music. However, there has always been a mutual respect... Read more »

Who Said It: Yoko Ono or Buddha?

Yoko Ono has always been woman all about love and peace. Spreading that message is something she’s passionate about and now thanks to advancements in technology, Yoko can spread her words of wisdom to a larger... Read more »

See the Original Locations of These Classic Album Covers in Google Street View

Google Street View is both awesome and weirdly invasive. You can see detailed images of specific locations, immortalizing those places you search for. In a sense, some album covers, like The Beatles’ Abbey Road, have been... Read more »

Watch Earl Sweatshirt’s Hilarious Impersonation of Joe Budden

If you’ve seen this picture, which has been floating around the internet for a couple of months, it makes a lot more sense now. It’s Earl Sweatshirt showing off his Joe Budden impersonation in this spoof... Read more »

What Do You Think Is The Most Profane Rap Album?

Swearing and profanity have been inextricable parts of rap for decades now. As gangsta rap rose in the early ’90s, a whole new section of hip-hop emerged centered on unfiltered lyricism and hard-hitting realities. In partnership... Read more »

The 15 Most Annoying Things You’ll See at Rap Shows

There is a gift and a curse to the art of a rap show. When a festival’s lineup is packed with rock bands and EDM artists, a rapper can represent a reprieve from the norm by... Read more »

Famous Album Covers Reimagined With Googly Eyes

We’ve seen album covers remade with: - Lorde’s hair - Nicolas Cage - Emojis - Kittens - Socks And to continue this important tradition, we bring you album covers recreated with googly eyes. All thanks to... Read more »

The Greatest Beards in Music History

Music is cool, but beards, right? Beards add this extra "it" factor to any artist, and throughout the years, we've seen some amazing bearded stars emerge and win us over with their facial hair. We're not... Read more »

Music Festivals, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down

Every year, right around this time, I have the same “…should I?” moment about going to music festivals. And every year, I look at my friends and say, “I’m getting too old for this shit” like I’m... Read more »

Who Tweeted It: Jaden Smith or The Philosophical Stoner?

Growing up as a celebrity kid has got to be weird. By the time you are just a small being in your mother’s stomach, you are already more famous than most adults will ever be. After... Read more »