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Watch New Yorkers Try to Decipher Young Thug Lyrics

If you have no idea what Young Thug is saying in “Lifestyle,” you’re not alone. Complex hit the streets with The Kid Mero to get some New Yorkers to listen and try to interpret Thugger’s rhymes. They... Read more »

15 Drake-Related Gifts You Can Buy Right Now

Literally October's very own, Drake celebrates his 28th birthday tomorrow, October 24. We know first-hand how difficult finding the perfect gift can be, so we've compiled a list of some Drake-inspired items in honor of the... Read more »

See The Bigger Picture Behind Famous Album Covers

Although the increase in streaming and move towards digital instead of physical music sales has taken the focus away from album covers somewhat, it remains impossible to talk about some albums without their classic covers immediately coming... Read more »

10 of Life’s Greatest Questions Answered by the Sad Boys Crew

A few weeks back, we suggested that Yung Lean is a not an artist who should be dismissed as a joke. After taking quick peek at the Sad Boys tumblr, it's possible that Lean and his... Read more »

Meow The Jewels Has Reached its Goal

Last month, the internet joined forces to show support for Meow The Jewels. It all started when El-P and Killer Mike introduced the “Meow The Jewels Package,” a special offer that would only cost $40,000: It was obviously... Read more »

A Guide to Bragging About Music Without Sounding Like an A**hole

Look, I’m not saying I want the Grammys to introduce a new category called “Dopest SoundCloud Game,” and I don’t really believe that I had a hand in Chance the Rapper’s success because I told like... Read more »

The Most Hilarious #MusicThatDontMatch Vines

Do you guys remember Vine? For a while it was like, “FOH Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram” because Vine was the only social media platform that mattered. But things change, fads fade, and a lot of us... Read more »

8 Things Diddy Just Discovered

Diddy, Diddy, Diddy..... am I right? He is a legend, no doubt, but as he shares more of himself on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, we realize that there are lot of things Diddy is still discovering. From... Read more »

10 Things You Hear at Every Concert

Concerts can be amazing, but let's admit it—they can also be really annoying. But no matter what kind of show you're at and how good or terrible it is, there are certain things that you'll always... Read more »

An Email Submission, Written in the Style of Kanye West Rhymes

You’d think that most email submissions from artists would be creative. You’d be wrong. Email submissions are typically painfully boring. They are usually like, “Please listen to my new song. I’ve been working really hard and... Read more »

Watch Master P’s Commercial For a Kentucky Law Firm

Because it’s Saturday, here’s another WTF moment surfaced by WorldStar. It’s Master P starring in a commercial for Kentucky-based law firm Winton & Hiestand. Honestly, I trust anything Master P says, but that “Uhh!” at the end... Read more »

#AzizDrakeGrams is the Best New Instagram Trend

If you’re familiar with comedian Aziz Ansari, then you know he’s a huge rap fan. He has a whole tumblr where he’s photoshopped himself into famous hip-hop covers, his parents have met Kanye West, and he’s... Read more »

Prince Joins Facebook, Immediately Starts Trolling

The art of internet trolling can take years to perfect. There are hundreds of thousands of professional trolls who still can’t get it right. And then there is Prince. Over the past decade, Prince has earned... Read more »

15 Rappers as Pokemon Cards

Here at P&P, we take music journalism very seriously. That is why we have taken it upon ourselves to answer the age-old question: What if there were Pokémon cards for rappers? We got the idea when... Read more »

A History of Lil B’s Obsession With Feet

Lil B has already worked on removing the stigmas from so many taboos, such as female to male analingus. "GIRLS keep telling me to sit on there face on DM ima let one of these girls... Read more »