Watch a Short Parody Film About Drake’s Biggest Fanboy

Think you’re a Drake fan? Not like this guy. A mix of moody and hilarious, this short film explores the mindset of a true Drake... Read more »

This #TidalFacts Parody Twitter Account is Hilarious

Look, this Tidal business is no joke. Music streaming—and the entire music industry, really—is in a weird place, and starting a new business based around... Read more »

If There Was Twitter When Napster Got Shut Down…

On July 11, 2001, the popular, controversial, and revolutionary file sharing website Napster shut down their service in compliance with an injunction from an ongoing... Read more »

Tweet That: Artists Whose Social Media is Better Than Their Music

Musicians nowadays have to strike a balance when it comes to their output: not only are they expected to maintain a steady track record of... Read more »

Hacker Takes Over Prince’s Facebook Page, Posts About Omelettes

Prince on Facebook was almost too good to be true. He’s gained a reputation for steering clear of social media and the internet in general, and... Read more »

Emails to Yeezus: A Look Inside Kanye West’s Inbox

On Vic Mensa's "U Mad," Kanye West proudly reveals, "I got 700 emails in my inbox, what that mean? I ain't callin' nobody back." It... Read more »

Uh Oh, Plies Got Vine

By Matt Colwell You thought Plies was entertaining on Twitter and Instagram? Well here’s his new Vine account. Plies is the former XXL freshman rapper,... Read more »

“We Kissed at Coachella”: The Best Missed Connection of All Time

People go to music festivals for two things: The Music, or the hopes of meeting someone special and winding up in a porta-potty having a... Read more »

That’s Why Every Instagram Looks Like Drake Featuring Drake

Instagram is responsible for a lot of dumb shit. But then in the sea of stupidity you manage to find a few gems. We’ve already... Read more »

Here’s What Happens When You Combine Childish Gambino with Thomas The Tank Engine

The Internet is, more often than not, a big clusterfuck of “oh…” and “why…?” Sometimes, though, you hit the jackpot. You find something wonderful(ly absurd)... Read more »

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