Watch Hannibal Buress Interview Beverly Hills Residents About the Drake vs. Meek Mill Beef

“We went to the one neighborhood that you go to to talk about hip-hop: Beverly Hills!” Everyone has been weighing in on the feud between Drake... Read more »

Ways of Listening to Music, Definitively Ranked

We definitively ranked the ways of listening to music, from worst to best.... Read more »

Why is Snoop Dogg Judging This Korean Rap Show?

This is one of the advantages of being a legend: you can say yes to anything that comes across your publicist’s desk, and chances are... Read more »

Suge Knight Seeks Prison Cell Transfer Over Ghost Toilet & Possible Brain Tumor

Prison is proving pretty tough for alleged murderer Suge Knight—but not for the reasons you might think. The Death Row co-founder is locked up on... Read more »

15 (More) Rappers As Pokémon Cards

Deep down, we geeks are all the same. We share a common feeling; an undivided passion for something beautiful, but completely useless in the real... Read more »

Watch A$AP Rocky and Rod Stewart Sing Karaoke Together

It was only a matter of time before these two got together. A$AP Rocky’s new album A.L.L.A. sampled Rod Stewart’s voice on “Everyday,” and Rocky... Read more »

Wrap Music: Listen to a Laser-Cut Flour Tortilla Played as a Record

A little while back, someone had the audacity to post a fake tortilla “vinyl” video online. Funny? Perhaps. Wildly disappointing? Absolutely. Edible music has been... Read more »

These Australian DJs Trolled an Entire Crowd in the Most Hilarious Way

Electronic music fans love their huge drops and mind-blowing transitions, but they weren’t expecting this one. Australian DJ duo Mashd N Kutcher completely trolled the shit out... Read more »

Why Hasn’t Bangladesh Been Producing More?

One standout on Meek Mill’s new Dreams Worth More Than Money is “Classic,” featuring Swizz Beats, Jeremih, and masterful production by Bangladesh. The beat is crazy,... Read more »

Stephen Colbert Interviewed Eminem On A Public Access Cable Show And It’s Hilarious

Stephen Colbert may be in between hosting duties (having just left The Colbert Show and getting ready to launch The Late Show with Stephen Colbert... Read more »

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