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The Funniest Reactions to the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Twitter is at its best when everyone is reacting to the same thing, and that makes the Super Bowl a perfect storm of Twitter reactions, jokes, and memes. No matter what happens at the halftime show,... Read more »

Watch Detective McNulty From The Wire Rap with Nottingham’s Local Talent

Of all the things you’d expect Dominic West’s character Detective McNulty from The Wire to get up to, rapping would probably be one of the last things that would spring to mind. West appeared on the latest episode... Read more »

Jeff Bridges Edges Closer to Becoming “The Dude” With New Ambient Album

Jeff Bridges wants to sleep with you. The legendary American actor, musician, painter, and wordsmith is getting into the nocturnal music business with Jeff Bridges Sleeping Tapes. Cuddle up with Jeff’s bemused, reassuring baritone over a... Read more »

The Obama Family’s Best Music Moments

The Obamas. They're a family you have come to love (or hate... haters), but you can't deny that this is one of the coolest families to be in the White House since maybe the Kennedys. They're... Read more »

Rough Drafts of Hit Songs

The song writing process is different for every musician. Whether it’s written in a notebook, typed in a Blackberry with the side scroll, or memorized in their head, every artist has their own method of creating... Read more »

Saturday Submissions 2

We still haven't figured out exactly how to deal with submissions. Pigeons & Planes was founded on the idea of providing a balance—of genres, of jokes and serious content, and most important, of indie and mainstream.... Read more »

Here’s A Funny Video From 2010: “Head In The Wip (While The Chick Was Driving)”

Throwback Thursday, or #TBT, is a well known practice that gives people the opportunity to post pictures of themselves in their prime, pictures of their pets when they were still cute, or their old songs about... Read more »

Prince Doing Normal People Things

Last week, Prince—the legend, the enigma—went to weekly LA club night Low End Theory, and checked out a DJ set by Chicago footwork don DJ Spinn, proving that he occasionally comes down from his Purple castle in... Read more »

10 Times Pitbull Was Your Dad

When it comes to music, there’s everything that’s likable or even tolerable… and then there’s Pitbull. The “rapper” has made a career out of corny quote-filled lyrics, ridiculous outfits, questionable dance moves, and his unabashed love... Read more »

Drake Goes To Coachella: A Love Story?

It’s Friday afternoon of Coachella weekend and the OVO crew is goin’ up in Drake’s tour bus. Smoke is in the air and everyone is drinking, laughing, and having a good time. Except Drake is sitting... Read more »