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Grizzly Bear Reveal They’re Working on a New Album

This will be their first album in four years.... Read more »

Diplo, Edward Droste, Rostam – “Long Way Home”

It’s shaping up to be a great day for remixes: right after Hudson Mohawke graced us with a remix of Four Tet’s “Parallel Jalebi,” Diplo... Read more »

Grizzly Bear – “Will Calls (Baths Remix)”

There have been quite a few high-profile remixes of various songs from Grizzly Bear‘s excellent Shields recently; but leave it to ethereal crooner Baths to make something more... Read more »

Watch Grizzly Bear Perform at the Sydney Opera House for the Last Show of Their 115-Gig Tour

Last night, Grizzly Bear wrapped up an incredibly ambitious 115-gig world tour in Sydney, Australia. Performing at the stunning Sydney Opera House, the collective performed... Read more »

Grizzly Bear – “Will Calls (Diplo Remix)”

From the mixed-up files of head-scratching collaborations comes this gorgeous Grizzly Bear rework, courtesy of Diplo. “Will Calls” is off the B-sides of Grizzly Bear’s... Read more »

Grizzly Bear – “Listen and Wait”

We previously reported that Grizzly Bear would be putting out two deluxe re-releases of their 2012 album Shields, and shared the sweeping “Will Calls,” a demo from... Read more »

Indie Songs That Have Been Ruined By Commercials

While there are several songs that call to mind famous scenes from film and television, there are others we just can't disassociate with commercials. You... Read more »

Grizzly Bear – “Will Calls (Marfa Demo)”

Grizzly Bear’s excellent 2012 album Shields is getting an extended reissue which will feature remixes, b-sides, and demos from the sessions leading up to the recording of... Read more »

Grizzly Bear – “Sleeping Ute (Nicolas Jaar Remix)”

One of the most anticipated releases for Record Store Day yesterday was Nicolas Jaar’s collaborative 12″, which included remixes of both Brian Eno’s “Lux” and... Read more »

Hear Grizzly Bear Remix Phoenix’s “Entertainment”

We’ve already heard two very different remixes of Phoenix’s Bankrupt! single “Entertainment” earlier this year thanks to Dev Hynes and Dinosaur Jr. Today we get... Read more »

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