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Gucci Mane Just Dropped Three New Albums: “Breakfast,” “Lunch,” and “Dinner”

Nobody reminds us that we’re not being productive enough with our time like Gucci Mane does. He’s been delivering new material consistently, regardless of his current situation. And now Gucci returns with more new material. This... Read more »

Rapspiration: “I Just Bought a Bentley, and a B*tch Came With It”

What makes a quote truly inspiring? A quote from C.S. Lewis about overcoming adversity usually comes in at a 7 on the inspirational scale, but once that quote is written on blackboard, or put over a... Read more »

This Mash-Up of Gucci Mane and SOPHIE’s “Lemonade” Makes So Much Sense

Damn, this just makes so much sense, why are we only now hearing this? Thanks to the glories of the internet and the Soundcloud account Rare MP3s, we now have this wonderfully bouncy mash-up of Gucci... Read more »

Gucci Mane is Surprisingly Good at Boxing

We’ve seen a couple shots of Gucci Mane sharpening his boxing skills, but thanks to Cam Kirk, we’ve got this impressive tw0-minute clip of Guwop traning. Don’t let the gut fool you—dude looks like he can... Read more »

Gucci Mane ft. Raury – “Dead People”

If the thought of hearing Gucci Mane and Raury on a track together ever crossed your mind, not only do you have an amazing imagination but today is also your lucky day. Regardless of his current... Read more »

iLoveMakonnen ft. Wiz Khalifa & Gucci Mane – “I Don’t Sell Molly No More (Remix)”

We already heard the first remix of iLoveMakonnen‘s “I Don’t Sell Molly No More,” with Wiz Khalifa but this time we’ve got Gucci Mane on board. Gucci Mane is currently locked up so it’s unclear if... Read more »

Stream Gucci Mane’s New Album “The Return of Mr. Perfect”

By now it’s clear that nothing, and I mean nothing will stop Big Guwop from releasing new music. Gucci Mane—who is currently incarcerated—has been dropping new material at an amazing clip, in fact if someone purchased all the music... Read more »

Gucci Mane – “Lil Dudes”

Big Guwop keeps the music flowing from behind bars. Today, the official Gucci Mane Twitter account points us in the direction of “Lil Dudes,” a track produced by Dun Deal and a highlight from the barrage of recently... Read more »

Someone Could Spend $750 on the Music Gucci Mane Will Release on iTunes from Prison

Prison can prove a fruitful ground for creating art. In Gucci Mane’s case, it’s not just about creating, it’s about releasing. In late 2013, Gucci Mane was facing a 20-year sentence for two counts of possession... Read more »

15 Songs With Kids Singing the Chorus

There's something about kids voices singing a chorus that can make it so damn catchy, and turn a song from a solid album cut into a hit. Artists know this, and have been employing the technique... Read more »