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Killer Mike: How I Went From a Pigeon to a Plane

ATL legend Killer Mike breaks down the mistakes he's made and the things he's learned over his long and successful music career. As always, he's got some wise words, great stories, and advice for artists trying... Read more »

Vic Mensa: “It’s Chicago over everything”

Vic Mensa has been busy. His hometown of Chicago spent the year cementing its reputation as one of hip-hop’s most fertile breeding grounds, and Vic’s slick, slippery cadences have been at the forefront of Chicago’s boom,... Read more »

Christopher Owens: An Open Book

For every heartbreaking song on Christopher Owens’ new album A New Testament, there’s a song eagerly waiting to portray the flip side. For every slow-burner, tear-jerker, or downtempo narrative, there’s a track chock full of jumpy guitar and playful lyrics ready to shift... Read more »

Seinabo Sey: Trying to Create Something Huge

In the past few years, there's been a handful of talented vocalists who have helped to redefine and re-popularize the "soul-pop" genre. These artists use raw talent and modern sensibility to win over fans, not stage... Read more »

A Beautiful Drive: In Conversation With Rome Fortune, One of Atlanta’s Most Creative Artists

Atlanta MC Rome Fortune is a passionate creative, both abstract and accessible. He has an ability to sound like anything and anyone he wants, a multifaceted talent who reflects the world that surrounds him, taking in... Read more »

How To Dress Well on His New Album, Love in the 21st Century, and R&B Copycats

We love How to Dress Well's new album "What Is This Heart?". It's a brave step forward for Tom Krell, bursting with emotion and energy, and crystallizing styles he's employed on previous records into his most... Read more »

Raury: “You can’t train a fish how to climb up a tree”

Raury just graduated from high school, but when he speaks, he sounds like he possesses the wisdom of someone with much more life experience. Three months ago he dropped his debut single, “God’s Whisper.” Even for... Read more »

Interview: Future Star TALA on Escapism, Her Iranian Background, and Her Buzzing Debut EP

TĀLĀ’s glorious debut EP, The Duchess, is out today—three strong tracks all rooted in dance music production, but bound together with a bright pop sheen. Influenced by her Iranian father, her “cheesy pop” loving mother, UK underground dance... Read more »

Interview: Lil Silk Speaks on Atlanta Rap, His Mom, and Why His Management Lets Him Do What He Wants

After meeting Lil Silk in the Little Five Points section of Atlanta, we head downtown to the apartment of Personal Trainer DJ, a producer Silk has worked with on several records. As Silk sits back on... Read more »

Meet Ratking, the New Sound of Gritty New York City Hip-Hop

Unless you’ve been stuck under a rock for the past year, we can only assume that New York City’s grittiest hip-hop trio Ratking has crossed your radar. The group started perking ears up in 2012 with the release of... Read more »