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Songs To Listen To If You Liked The “Inside Llewyn Davis” Soundtrack

The Coen Brothers latest film, entitled Inside Llewyn Davis, takes us through a week in the life of a struggling solo artist as he navigates the burgeoning Greenwich Village folk scene in the 1960s. To create... Read more »

Premiere: Jake Bugg – “What Doesn’t Kill You (Acoustic)”

British singer-songwriter Jake Bugg made a lot of noise with his debut last year, becoming a favorite among fans and critics alike. The 19-year-old is back with his follow up album, Shangri LA, which dropped yesterday... Read more »

Watch Jake Bugg Perform “Two Fingers” on Conan

It’s always weird to be introduced to an artist via late night television because it means that the artist must have already achieved some level of fame and it’s like how did that happen without me... Read more »