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Watch A Then-Unknown Jay Z Freestyle On Rap City In 1990

Before Jay Z was the Jay we know today, he was just another unknown rapper struggling to get his big break. In the early ’90s, Jay hung with Big Daddy Kane and one day accompanied him... Read more »

Is A Jay Z/Beyoncé Album On The Way?

Detail is the man behind Beyoncé’s smash hit “Drunk In Love.” Bey’s hubby Jay Z has a verse on the track, and their collaboration was enough to take home the Grammy for Best R&B Performance. Afterwards... Read more »

Watch Kanye West, Jay Z, and Beyoncé React to Beck Winning Album of the Year at the Grammys

The Grammys always have a few WTF moments, but if you predicted Beck winning album of the year, you’re insane. We may have forgotten that Beck even released Morning Phase this year, but his win yielded... Read more »

10 Times the Grammys Actually Got it Right

While the Grammys might claim to represent the best of the best, the results are highly contested, and year after year artists are snubbed while others are deemed underserving of their awards. With every show, there... Read more »

Rick Rubin Has Been Annotating Lyrics on Genius

Many music lovers often visit Genius (formerly Rap Genius) to find out the lyrics to their favorite songs. Genius also provides explanations to the lyrics. Some of these explanations are often just theories but many others... Read more »

Jay Z Bids for Spotify Competitor

Another week, another rumor about Jay Z having plans to make major purchases. However, this time the rumors seem to be credible. According to CMU, Project Panther Bidco, a company controlled by Jay Z, apparently placed... Read more »

Jay Z Responds to New York Governor’s Police Relations Plans

New York governor Andrew Cuomo detailed his plan to improve police and community relations on Wednesday during his annual State of the State address, and Jay Z is more than keen to show his support for... Read more »

25 Vintage YouTube Videos Every Hip-Hop Fan Should Watch

The internet is full of hip-hop footage: interviews, music videos, outtakes, behind-the-scenes footage, and so on. Thanks to the world of blogs, much of this footage has been seen hundreds of thousands of times over. But... Read more »

Check Out These Jay Z Demos, From Before His Debut Album

It’s funny to think that a lot of young people only know Jay Z as the celebrity mogul he is today. They know him for wearing suits, meeting with politicians, and making business deals worth more... Read more »

10 Times Rappers Failed at Math

Rappers like counting money, boasting about money, and boasting about how much money they're counting, but sometimes their math goes a little bit wrong. From Rick Ross and Jay Z to Canibus and Lil' Kim, here... Read more »

Jay Z’s Fashion Name Drops Have Been Turned Into Fashion Itself

Hip-Hop and fashion have gone together like peanut butter and jelly since the beginning of it all. And rappers have been name dropping their favorite brands for years. There’s been so much name dropping in fact,... Read more »

Can You Guess Who These Artists Are Based Only on Their Hats?

Most famous artists have a signature style, and a lot of those signature styles rely heavily on the hat. The right hat can make anyone a superstar—or, maybe not, but it can at least make any artist... Read more »

Is This Video Evidence of Jay Electronica Working On His New Album?

Jay Electronica is a patient man. Much more so than his fans, who have been waiting for an album from the hip-hop legend for quite some time. But Jay has been on the move recently. The... Read more »

20 of the Most Unexpectedly Awesome Samples in Rap

A lot of the time, rap produces are stunningly unoriginal, sampling the same records over and over and over again. Sometimes, however, they hit us with that offbeat, unexpected, or just plain weird sample that helps... Read more »

15 Rappers as Pokemon Cards

Here at P&P, we take music journalism very seriously. That is why we have taken it upon ourselves to answer the age-old question: What if there were Pokémon cards for rappers? We got the idea when... Read more »