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Jay Z Takes To Twitter To Defend TIDAL

Jay Z took to Twitter this morning to defend his streaming service TIDAL against its (many) detractors… not that we would know anything about that. He said, basically, that the start-up is “doing just fine” and... Read more »

Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before: Tidal and the “Artist-First” Myth

The fluctuating and uncertain state of the music industry today does represent a chance for the artists to even the scales, but Tidal, with its "artist-first" myth, seems like a missed opportunity.... Read more »

If You Signed Up for Tidal You May Receive a Call from Jay Z

Anytime a new service, website or app comes along there always seems to be a lot of perks in the beginning to grab the attention of new customers. Tidal gained many new users by releasing new... Read more »

Beyoncé Releases A New Song, “Die With You,” Exclusively Via Tidal

The inevitable has finally happened: exclusive content that people actually want on Tidal. Beyoncé, one of the site’s owners and (of course) wife of Jay Z, the man behind the so far relatively inconsequential streaming service,... Read more »

Tidal Has Already Started to Release Exclusive Content

On Monday, Jay Z announced his new plans for Tidal—the streaming service that he recently purchased for $56 million. The service was labeled as “the first ever artist owned global music and entertainment platform.” With so... Read more »


It’s Sunday March 29th, and an Emergency Illuminati Meeting is being held in a penthouse of the Ocean Reef Resort in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Oprah, Jay Z, Eagle-Eye Cherry, James Van Der Beek and Kanye... Read more »

How Jay Z’s “Holy Grail” Changed the “Watch The Throne” Album

The-Dream became the latest in a series of influential musicians and writers to become verified users on Genius (formerly known as Rap Genius) today, annotating rap lyrics with insights into how they were made and their... Read more »

Gold All in My Mouth: 20 Pictures of Artists With Grills

According to the all knowing internet Gods (aka Wikipedia), putting precious stones in your mouth as a symbol of wealth of status is not at all new. Hundreds, maybe even thousands, of years ago rich Mayans... Read more »

Swedish Streaming Company Reportedly Accepts Jay Z’s $56.2 Million Bid

Looks like Jay Z can add “streaming platform owner” to his ever-expanding list of job titles. According to Billboard, Swedish company Aspiro has reportedly accepted Jay’s $56.2 million bid, despite shareholders previously claiming that the amount... Read more »

Young Guru: Jay Z Is Different Because He “Tells The Truth”

Producer Young Guru, best known for his collaborations with Jay and Bey, discussed the prodigious couple during a panel on the arts held at MIT recently. Speaking about Jay Z, the beatmaker talked about Jay’s flair for... Read more »