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Jay Z and Beyonce Have Been Bailing Baltimore Protestors Out of Jail

During his B-Sides concerts this weekend, Jay Z didn’t hold his tongue when it came to Tidal and his rival streaming competitors. He also had a line about Freddie Gray during a freestyle, a rare show... Read more »

Jay Z Reunites With State Property And Disses Spotify At First ‘B-Sides’ Show

Jay Z performed the first of two Tidal-exclusive “B-Sides” shows at New York’s Terminal 5 last night, bringing back classic songs and the Roc-A-Fella stalwarts that made them. Jay Electronica, Young Jeezy, and State Property all... Read more »

Forbes Announces Five Wealthiest Hip-Hop Artists of 2015

It’s that time of year again. Forbes has just revealed the top five wealthiest hip-hop artists of 2015. While the names on the list have remained the same, it appears that the order has changed slightly—as... Read more »

TIDAL Executive Defends JAY Z: “Our Actions Will Speak Louder Than Words”

Ever since TIDAL’s debut, it seems like the company has been engaged in damage control, being criticized by the media and fans on everything from the price of the streaming service (which just went up for some people),... Read more »

Tidal Raises Monthly Fees on Mobile App, Offers Free Jay Z Concert For Users

The launch of Jay Z’s Tidal continues to make headlines. The streaming service has positioned itself as artist-owned and artist-friendly, but wariness is abundant. Jay Z took to Twitter to defend the service, as did Grimes, but it seems... Read more »

This #TidalFacts Parody Twitter Account is Hilarious

Look, this Tidal business is no joke. Music streaming—and the entire music industry, really—is in a weird place, and starting a new business based around a streaming model has proven extremely complicated, even for the most... Read more »

Grimes Defends Tidal

After a star-studded introduction, some internal turmoil, and a few big exclusives, Jay Z’s Tidal has remained something of a mystery. Without too many specifics available, this new streaming service has been met with suspicion, but today... Read more »

Jay Z Takes To Twitter To Defend TIDAL

Jay Z took to Twitter this morning to defend his streaming service TIDAL against its (many) detractors… not that we would know anything about that. He said, basically, that the start-up is “doing just fine” and... Read more »

Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before: Tidal and the “Artist-First” Myth

The fluctuating and uncertain state of the music industry today does represent a chance for the artists to even the scales, but Tidal, with its "artist-first" myth, seems like a missed opportunity.... Read more »

If You Signed Up for Tidal You May Receive a Call from Jay Z

Anytime a new service, website or app comes along there always seems to be a lot of perks in the beginning to grab the attention of new customers. Tidal gained many new users by releasing new... Read more »