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Yoko Ono Hospitalized with Flu-Like Symptoms

The rock legend was treated for dehydration.... Read more »

Pianist Plays John Lennon’s “Imagine” Outside the Bataclan

"And the world will live as one."... Read more »

15 Ridiculous Music Conspiracies That Probably Aren’t True, Right?

The fake truth is out there.... Read more »

Yoko Ono Is Planning The Largest Human Peace Sign For John Lennon’s 75th Birthday

If you’ve ever been to Strawberry Fields around John Lennon’s birthday, you’ve seen how many people congregate there to pay tribute. But what Yoko Ono... Read more »

Paul McCartney Reflects on the Day John Lennon Died

Paul McCartney recently spoke about how he felt the day he found out his The Beatles bandmate John Lennon had been killed. “I was at home. I... Read more »

Download Nicolas Jaar’s John Lennon Tribute Mix

Nicolas Jaar is one of the most consistently exciting and innovative artists currently working. From his solo work, to his recent album as Darkside, to his... Read more »

In Their Own Words: Adele, John Lennon, and Tyler, The Creator on Selling Out

Does anybody care about "selling out" anymore? It seems like a thing of the past, probably because we've mostly become immune to it. In hip-hop,... Read more »

How Having Children Affected the Music of 15 Legends

A few weeks ago, in classic Yeezy fashion, Kanye West had the blogs buzzing over some choice performance attire he wore during a show at... Read more »

Buy The Album John Lennon Signed For The Man Who Killed Him

Five hours before John Lennon was killed (exactly 32 years ago today), he signed an album for the man who would murder him. That album... Read more »

John Lennon’s Private Letters to be Made into Digital App

A new iOS-exclusive app based on Hunter Davies’ The John Lennon Letters will be made available later this month. The app will feature dozens of private annotated letters... Read more »

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