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Watch Justin Bieber Get Roasted by Snoop Dogg, Kevin Hart, Shaq, Martha Stewart and More

Last night Comedy Central finally aired the Roast of Justin Bieber and it was full of countless hilarious, uncomfortable jokes. Most young adults go out... Read more »

See The Bigger Picture Behind Famous Album Covers

Although the increase in streaming and move towards digital instead of physical music sales has taken the focus away from album covers somewhat, it remains impossible... Read more »

“Justin Bieber is a f*cking moron” – Patrick Carney of The Black Keys

It’s no surprise that The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney isn’t a big fan of Justin Bieber. He once assumed the identity of “Justin Bieber 2.0″ on... Read more »

Watch Lil Wayne Perform “Believe Me” While He Escorts Floyd Mayweather With Justin Bieber

Floyd Mayweather is a bit a show-off. Instead of coming out to his new favourite song, the boxer decided to get Lil Wayne to perform... Read more »

Justin Bieber Fan Art That Makes Us Feel Uncomfortable

Justin Bieber’s Instagram is a place of wonder. One minute he’s hanging with Soulja Boy and the next he’s looking like an extra on the... Read more »

The Most Hilariously Bad Music Fan Tattoos

As many people know, us music fans are quite a special breed. We tend to be a little obsessive when it comes to our music.... Read more »

Justin Bieber vs. Lil Wayne: The Depositions

We saw Lil Wayne’s deposition. We saw Justin Bieber’s deposition. But what if we cut out all the fluff, all the boring lawyers and legal... Read more »

Justin Bieber is Actually Worse Than You Thought He Was

Justin Bieber just cannot stay away from negative headlines at the moment. He was arrested recently, then a petition was started to have him deported,... Read more »

Welcome Home, Boosie: Here Are Some Things You Need To Know About The Current State of Music

Lil Boosie: First of all, congratulations on getting out and welcome back to the free world. You were missed. Honestly, 2009 doesn't seem like that... Read more »

Listen to 14-Year-Old Justin Bieber Rap About His “Cannon”

You’ve just got to laugh at Justin Bieber at this point. He’s been constantly in the news for the last 4 months or so, whether... Read more »

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