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Kanye West: “I’m a blowfish. I’m not a shark, I’m a blowfish.”

Kanye West doesn’t do a lot of press, but he’s on the cover the new GQ and opened up about some things, including the paparazzi, why he got married, and being a blowfish. That blowfish part?... Read more »

Lorde Compares Kanye West to Her School Principal and Speaks on Pop Culture Critics

In a new feature for The Guardian, 17-year-old Lorde opens up about some things she’s learned since her rapid ascent. It’s interesting stuff because whether you’re a fan of her music or not, her situation is... Read more »

Watch a 19-Year-Old Kanye West Rap at a Fat Beats Record Store in 1996

In 1996, Fat Beats opened up a record shop on 6th Avenue in New York City, and to celebrate the launch, a bunch of rappers came through to perform. At the time, a 19-year-old Chicago kid... Read more »

Beyoncé, Eminem, and Iggy Azealea Dominate MTV VMA Nominations, Kanye West, Arcade Fire, Drake Also Nominated

The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards will take place on August 24 in LA, and although the nominees are generally the same old big-name suspects, the award show itself is always one of the most fun... Read more »

Watch Kanye West Share His Tips For Avoiding People Who Bother Him at Airports

Another day, another random but amazing bit of footage that TMZ have got their hands on. This time, it’s a clip from a 2010 pilot for a reality TV series about Brett Goetsch, Kanye West’s travel... Read more »

This Is What It’s Like To Be In A Mosh Pit When Kanye West Performs “Blood On The Leaves”

In typical Kanye West fashion, this past weekend’s Wireless Festival in London came and went, but not without the 37-year-old Chicagoan corralling all of the most important headlines. He delivered another epic speech that’s been floating... Read more »

Here’s What We Know About Kanye West’s Next Album

How the hell do you follow up Yeezus? Luckily, only one person has to answer that. Even more luckily, that person is Kanye West. Fresh off the release of his most experimental and jarring album yet,... Read more »

Watch Kanye West’s Speech at Wireless Festival: “I just wanna be awesome.”

You never want to go too long without watching a Kanye West visionary stream of consciousness. If you do, you risk becoming lame and complacent. Thankfully, we’ve got a new one in. At the Wireless Festival... Read more »

“Kanye is the Most Consistent, Great Artist Right Now”: Rick Rubin Sits Down with Zane Lowe for a BBC Documentary

When two people, deeply embedded in the artistry and business of music, come together, you can bet on it being one hell of a conversation. That’s exactly what happened when Radio 1′s Zane Lowe sat down with... Read more »

Kanye West’s Best Surprise Appearances at Other People’s Shows

One dictionary definition of "surprise" is, "to strike or occur to with a sudden feeling of wonder or astonishment, as through unexpectedness." Kanye West is a known perfectionist who likes things to play out the way... Read more »

Watch Kanye West’s Surprise Performance at Dave Chappelle’s Show in New York City

On Wednesday, June 18, Dave Chappelle kicked off 10-day string of shows at Radio City Music Hall in New York. There have been plenty of rumors about who would be there, and guests like Nas, Erykah... Read more »

From Cultural Icon to Desktop Icon, KanyeFy Your Computer With A Hilarious New App

We all know Kanye West has a lot of haters—a big portion of those coming as a result of rants like this one—but it’s also undeniable that Kanye has a large number of unwavering fans, fans... Read more »

James Blake is About Halfway Done With A New Album, and He’s Collaborating With Kanye West and Justin Vernon

Over the weekend, James Blake visited Tennessee to play Bonnaroo for his very first time. Following his set, Blake sat down with Billboard, giving his thoughts on the festivities and divulging some juicy information about a new... Read more »

“I’m going after Shakespeare, I’m going after Walt Disney”: Kanye West at Bonnaroo

Last night, Kanye West performed at Bonnaroo. It was a big deal, as this was the first time that he had been invited back for the music festival after that 2008 incident, when he was was... Read more »

The Week on Twitter With Kanye West, Sky Ferreira, and Sam Smith

This week on Twitter: - Kanye West tweets about his big day - Sky Ferreira answers some hard-hitting questions - Sam Smith is feeling thankful Here is the week on Twitter. And a GIF of a... Read more »