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Wale ft. Kanye West & Ty Dolla $ign – “The Summer League”

Wale’s new album, The Album About Nothing (inspired by Seinfeld, just as his 2008 The Mixtape About Nothing was), is out March 31st, and this morning he dropped a track with two of the biggest names out. “The Summer League” features... Read more »

Glastonbury Organizer Defends Headliner Kanye West

The petition to stop Kanye West from headlining Glastonbury has reached nearly 100,000 signatures. Its creators want a rock band, which they say is more in line with Glastonbury’s historical standards. Glastonbury co-founder Emily Eavis, however,... Read more »

Kanye West’s Best Songs That Weren’t Singles

Kanye West is a perfectionist. Where other artists might focus on having a couple of big songs, each of Kanye's albums is an experience. His singles speak for themselves—hit upon hit, classic upon classic—but what about... Read more »

Gold All in My Mouth: 20 Pictures of Artists With Grills

According to the all knowing internet Gods (aka Wikipedia), putting precious stones in your mouth as a symbol of wealth of status is not at all new. Hundreds, maybe even thousands, of years ago rich Mayans... Read more »

There’s a Petition to Stop Kanye West from Headlining Glastonbury

With about 150,000 annual attendees, the Glastonbury Festival is one of music’s biggest live weekends. For 2015, the event organizers have booked a surefire success: Kanye West. Kanye will follow in the footsteps of his big... Read more »

President Obama Says He Loves Kanye’s Music, Denies Calling Kanye’s Home Phone

Kanye West will be joining Jimmy Kimmel in Austin during SXSW, so when Obama stopped by to talk to Kimmel, it was the perfect opportunity to ask the president about Kanye. Kimmel references a recent interview... Read more »

Kanye West Shares the Official Video of His “All Day” Performance at the BRITs

We’ve been stuck watching various unofficial rips and recordings of Kanye West’s flamethrower backed debut performance of “All Day,” but now the full, explicit version has been uploaded to Kanye’s VEVO. Watch the performance, which included... Read more »

Kanye West Will Reportedly Be Performing at SXSW

With SXSW rapidly approaching, announcements for different events have been happening non-stop. There have been so many show lineups flooding in that it is almost overwhelming. But Jimmy Kimmel may have revealed the biggest announcement yet... Read more »

“The More You are a Servant, the More Power You Have:” Watch Kanye’s Latest In-Depth Interview

While in Paris, Kanye West sat down with Clique TV for his latest one-on-one interview. He spoke about his desire to make “radical hits,” his definition of the “new slavery” (it’s based in materialism) and his... Read more »

Why Kanye West is in This Headline

Ever wonder why music journalists write about certain famous artists so much? Ever wonder why they don't put more effort into writing about unknown talent? Here are your answers.... Read more »