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Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke Releases the First Song Ever Printed on 3D Vinyl

It isn’t unusual for Bloc Party frontman Kele Okereke to release solo music in-between his other band-related activities. In fact he’s been recording and producing independent material for the better part of the past three years.... Read more »

Premiere: RAC ft. Kele and MNDR – “Let Go (Sir Sly Remix)”

While a lot of people probably know RAC best for his huge catalogue of brilliant remixes, André Allen Anjos is about to release his debut EP of original material, which features Kele (of Bloc Party), MNDR, Tokyo... Read more »

MS MR – “Fantasy (Kele from Bloc Party Remix)”

Remixing has become an important way for new acts to catch some extra buzz, and we’ve seen it more than ever in the past year or so. When a new artist comes out, getting some big... Read more »

Bloc Party Reunites, Plans New Album For 2012

Details on Bloc Party’s internal workings were a little sketchy in 2011, but it seemed that lead singer Kele Okereke and the band had their issues. With a new year comes some good news: the band... Read more »

Video: Kele ft. Lucy Taylor – “What Did I Do?”

This video dropped a few days ago, and I really wasn’t sure it was worth posting. It’s the lead single off of Kele Okereke‘s solo EP The Hunter, and it’s really not too great. Kele’s put... Read more »

Dance Music Post. 2

Yo. Sorry I’ve been AWOL for a little while, got caught up with finals week. Anywayz, I’m done with classes and am ready to bring the second installment of my Dance Music Posts.  If anyone can... Read more »

Kele (of Bloc Party) – “Walk Tall”, “Rise”, and “Tenderoni”

Here’s a few songs from Kele Okereke’s (Bloc Party’s lead singer) upcoming solo album called Boxer. So far, I’ve heard good things from fans. I was never a huge Bloc Party fan and none of Kele’s... Read more »