King Fantastic

MURS ft. King Fantastic – “Two Step”

The new MURS album comes out next week on Strange Music, and the latest drop is a West Coast collaboration with Los Angeles’ King Fantastic.... Read more »

Premiere: King Fantastic – “Los Angeles International”

After some time away (rapper Killer Reese One was locked up for two years), King Fantastic is back and picking up where they left off.... Read more »

15 Free Songs You Should Download Right Now

Every Sunday we collect the best free music we can find and put it all in one place. If you fell behind or just feel... Read more »

Premiere: King Fantastic – “Yup… Yup… Yup…”

After spending two years in prison (read his letters here for more on that), Killer Reese One is a free man and back with producer... Read more »

King Fantastic – “G Sharp (Knight Riderz Remix)”

King Fantastic has never been shy of testing out the EDM waters – with the way the dance music scene is moving, they are a... Read more »


Gangsta electro-rap duo King Fantastic are up to their old tricks on this one. After hitting a few rough patches Troublemaker and Killer Reese One... Read more »

Premiere: King Fantastic ft. Z-Trip – “Squeeze The Trigger” (Ice T Cover)

Gangster and electronic is right up King Fantastic‘s alley, so “Squeeze The Trigger”¬†and Z-Trip makes so much sense. From Killer Reese: “When I was in... Read more »

Video: King Fantastic – “Bonfire Sessions”

King Fantastic‘s Finger Snaps and Gun Claps was a wild album. While it’s become more common for rappers to sample electronic music, none have worked... Read more »

King Fantastic’s Killer Reese One Incarcerated

When are we going to stop being caught up on this whole “legal system” garbage and realize that we’re wasting the time of those who... Read more »

King Fantastic – “Appreciation (3 Stripes and Troublemaker Remix)”

Sometimes hump day (aka Wednesday – minds out of the gutter, kids) can leave one in a destructive mood. Your head’s been full of cusses... Read more »

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