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15 Great Canadian Rappers Who Aren’t Drake

Canada is known for a number of things—maple syrup, Mounties, igloos as houses—but blanks are drawn at the mention of Canadian hip-hop. While Canada is indeed greatly influenced by the hip-hop generated by their neighbours (Canadian... Read more »

On K’Naan, Self-Censorship, and Mainstream Success

“Right now, the pressures of the music industry encourage me to change the walk of my songs. When I write from the deepest part of my heart, my advisers say, I remind people too much of... Read more »

K’NAAN – “Waiting Is A Drug”

Record Store Day is just around the corner, and there’s going to be a ton of good stuff out. K’NAAN has decided to join in and share some new material to support the event in the form... Read more »

Video: K’NAAN ft. Nas – “Nothing To Lose”

Off of K’NAAN’s most recent EP, More Beautiful Than Silence, him and Nas have let loose their video for “Nothing To Lose.” Director Francisco Soriano takes us around K’NAAN’s old neighborhoods, Dixon Towers and Jamestown, in... Read more »

K’NAAN ft. Nas – “Nothing To Lose”

K’NAAN back. It’s been a while, but after skyrocketing into the arena of international success with his “Waving Flag” anthem that acted as the official soundtrack to the 2010 World Cup, K’NAAN deserved to sit back... Read more »

New! Nas & Damien Marley Ft. Joss Stone & Lil' Wayne – "My Generation" + 2 More

Here’s 3 joints off of Nas & Damien’s upcoming *Distant Relatives* LP. 1st joint is called “My Generation” & features Lil’ Wayne & Joss Stone. The 2nd joint is called “Africa Must Wake Up” & features... Read more »

New! Shyne, Rick Ross, K'naan & Will.I.Am & David Guetta

Let me start out by saying – don’t get your hopes up. I just wanted to share these before they hit the recycle bin. K’Naan’s original “Wavin’ Flag” was awesome. It felt moving, inspirational, honest, and... Read more »

New! K'naan, Drake, Justin Bieber + more – "Wavin' Flag" (Young Artists for Haiti)

________________________________________________ K’naan’s “Wavin’ Flag” is one of the standout tracks from his Troubadour album and has become something of a phenomenon thanks to its timely message of strength and solidarity. Now famed producer Bob Ezrin has... Read more »

K'naan – "Wavin Flag" (Celebration Remix)

K’naans uplifting hit “Wavin Flag” has been reworked to be used for the 2010 World Cup. As you can imagine, the song has been tweaked to give it a slightly larger sound – the kind of... Read more »

Video! K'Naan ft. David Bisbal – "Wavin' Flag"

Here is the video for a version of K’Naan’s “Wavin’ Flag” featuring David Bisbal. I’m not exactly sure what the deal is, but here are some clues that we can put together. 1) “Wavin’ Flag” is... Read more »