KRS one

15 Forgotten Rap Singles of the ’90s

For many music fans, the early to mid-‘90s is considered one of the most important eras for hip-hop. It gave birth to legendary artists like... Read more »

Video! ESPN + Lupe Fiasco & Bobby Ray

Lupe Blitzen kills this sh*t! I need to watch ESPN to catch these commercials! UPDATE: Thanks to the guest in the comment box. KRS-One Santa... Read more »

New! KRS-One & Buckshot – "We Made It" ft. Slug (of Atmosphere)

A new one from KRS-One and Buckshot‘s Survival Skills, out 9/15. Bringing it back to the basic elements. Not gonna find any autotune on this... Read more »

New! KRS-One & Buckshot- Robot

KRS-One has long been heraled as one of the best underground hip-hop artists out there. They always know how to go hard on a song... Read more »

N.A.S.A. ft. Slim Kid Tre, Fatlip, and KRS One (Video + mp3)

More heat from N.A.S.A.’s Spirit of Apollo. I can’t wait for this album to drop. Check some more tracks and the insane tracklist here. N.A.S.A.... Read more »