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Video: La Roux – “Let Me Down Gently”

Last week La Roux released her driving comeback single “Let Me Down Gently,” and announced that the follow-up to her 2009 debut album would be called Trouble In Paradise and would be out July 8. Today, she... Read more »

La Roux Announces New Album and Shares First Single “Let Me Down Gently”

La Roux’s debut album was released in 2009, an age in the music world, and now she’s back with her second album and a new single. The new album will be called Trouble In Paradise, and the... Read more »

The 10 Best Redheads in Music Right Now

The role of the redhead in popular culture has often been that of the victim or the laughing stock. Just think of all those poor children in M.I.A.’s “Born Free” video, or the hatred and vitriol... Read more »

La Roux x Dragon King – The Final Kill

I’m starting to think that it’s impossible to make a bad “Going In For The Kill” Remix. This song is like hot sauce. “Eh, this rice probably won’t taste good doused in hot sauce.” It does.... Read more »

Video! Chromeo – “Hot Mess”

Here’s the newest music video for Montreal electro-pop group Chromeo‘s song “Hot Mess”. It features the duo of P-Thugg (whose real name is Patrick Gemayel) and Dave 1 (whose real name is David Macklovitch, he’s also... Read more »

La Roux ft. Kanye West – In For The Kill (Remix)

It is impossible to avoid Kanye West‘s omnipresence right now (just click here to see all the recent posts). He’s on TV, he’s dropping bombs every week, he’s showing up on other people’s songs, and now here... Read more »

Video! La Roux – In For The Kill

After hearing about 50 remixes of this track ranging from straight techno to hip-hop and everything in between, we finally get a video of the pale faced, strange hairstyled pop singer. I still prefer the downtempo Major... Read more »

New! Colin Munroe – “Bulletproof Monster” (La Roux + Nicki Minaj)

This shit is pretty fucking dope! Bulletproof Monster, the second installment in The Revox Suite, was a challenging experiment. The acapella of Nicki Minaj’s verse from Monster is in a vault somewhere so I was forced... Read more »

Kill You: A Pigeons and Planes Mix

I would have included more of an explanation, but now it’s after 5AM. Tonight brought in a swarm of technical issues that I’m still figuring out, but I said I’d post this before I went to... Read more »

La Roux – “In For The Kill” (Skream’s Let’s Get Ravey Remix)

This isn’t at all new, but ever since that Major Lazer double remix take on this La Roux remix, I keep coming back to this Skream version. It’s like one long, unearthly build up until the 4:10... Read more »

Major Lazer and La Roux Present: Lazerproof (Mixtape)

Wild. Shit. Electronic pop + bass heavy Jamaican stylings + guest spots from Drake, Gucci, Rusko, and Amanda Blank. If you’re not interested in this, you’re an asshole. Highly recommended. Apparently this has been hard to... Read more »

New! La Roux Ft. HYPER CRUSH – "Bulletproof" (HYPER CRUSH Remix)

Hyper Crush put their spin on La Roux’s “Bulletproof” & deliver a pretty solid jam. Check it out below. La Roux Ft. Hyper Crush – “Bulletproof” | YouSendIt... Read more »

Video! La Roux – "I'm Not Your Toy

New visual for La Roux’s upcoming single titled “I’m Not Your Toy”. Pigeons and Planes... Read more »

New! La Roux – "Bulletproof" (Nacey Remix)

Here is a real fresh remix of La Roux’s “Bulletproof” done by Nacey! Definitely feeling the production on this one!!La Roux – “Bulletproof” (Nacey Remix) Pigeons and Planes... Read more »

New! La Roux – "Farewell To The Fairground" (White Lies Cover)

This is a dope cut! La Roux covers White Lies cut, “Farewell To The Fairground”. Spotted over @ the Mossip blog. La Roux – “Farewell To The Fairgrounds” (White Lies Cover) Pigeons and Planes... Read more »