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Lauryn Hill Extends Small Axe: Acoustic Performance Series

Earlier this month, Lauryn Hill made headlines by announcing that she would be doing a short series of live shows starting in February. Rather than heading out on a grand tour, Hill will be doing a... Read more »

Lauryn Hill Announces an Acoustic Tour, But Will a Ticket Be Worth the Money?

This week has been thick with news of future shows, including lineup announcements for both Coachella and Governors Ball (and the Ultra Music Festival, if you swing that way). Word also broke that in February Lauryn... Read more »

“I Am Not a Robot”: Lauryn Hill Explains to a Heckler in London Why She Was Late

About a week ago, Lauryn Hill became a trending topic on Twitter for all the wrong reasons, as her first UK live performance for nearly five years did not impress a lot of ticket buyers. According to... Read more »

Lauryn Hill’s Concert in London Made Her a Trending Topic on Twitter (For All The Wrong Reasons)

Lauryn Hill is currently in London for five performances, her first in the UK after nearly a half decade. Last night was the start of the series at London’s O2 Academy Brixton, and unfortunately it wasn’t... Read more »

Video: Lauryn Hill Covers The Beatles’ “Something” on David Letterman

Wrapping up The Beatles’ celebration week, which honored the legendary band’s 50th U.S. TV debut anniversary, Lauryn Hill appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman. Her performance of “Something” marked Ms. Hill’s first televised performance... Read more »

Can’t Keep Up With Lauryn Hill’s Rapid-Fire Rapping in “Consumerism”? Here’s the Lyric Video

With Lauryn Hill’s “Consumerism,” Ms. Hill delivered a barrage of choppy, frantic lyrics. Even without picking the song apart word by word, you can get a sense of the song’s message through the urgent tone. Now, in... Read more »

Lauryn Hill – “Consumerism”

Lauryn Hill is being released from prison today after serving three months for tax evasion, but before she gets out, she wanted to put this out. If you’re expecting old Lauryn Hill with fluid rhyming, pretty... Read more »

Sunday Book Review: An Immigrant’s Story of Love and Struggle with Wyclef Jean

In 2009, Wyclef Jean was no longer impressed with hip-hop. “All I heard from the youth on the streets were soundtracks fit for strip clubs. Instead of raw humanity there were only synthesized voices, instead of... Read more »

Lauryn Hill’s Message From Prison

On Monday, Lauryn Hill began serving her three-month sentence for tax evasion. She’s currently in Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, CT, and a message from Ms. Hill has been relayed through her Tumblr. It reads: Ms. Hill... Read more »

Tory Lanez: 10 Albums That Changed My Life

Tory Lanez is from Toronto, but it may only be a matter of time before everyone in America knows his name. If you ask him, that's the goal. He raps, sings, produces, and writes all his... Read more »

Lauryn Hill’s Letter About Racism

Lauryn Hill has been in headlines lately for tax issues and legal trouble, but it all seems to tie back into her disagreement with society’s accepted ideology. Ms. Hill took to Tumblr to give some insight... Read more »

Lauryn Hill Sentenced to Three Months in Prison

After signing a deal with Sony to start generating revenue that will go toward paying the taxes she owes on around a million dollars of income, Lauryn Hill has received her sentence. Apparently her new deal... Read more »

Listen to Lauryn Hill’s New Song, Which She Was Legally Required to Release

Here’s a new Lauryn Hill song, but this one comes with an asterisk. In a post to her Tumblr, Lauryn explains that she was basically forced to rush it (probably because of her new deal with... Read more »

Lauryn Hill Releases Statement About Her Deal With Sony, a New Record Label, and the Past Decade

After reports that Lauryn Hill signed a deal with Sony that will pay her $1 million for five new songs—and that she did it because she owes hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax money—she’s released... Read more »

Lauryn Hill Reportedly Signs Million Dollar Contract for Five New Songs

After failing to pay taxes on almost $2 million earned between 2005 and 2007, Lauryn Hill was facing jail time if she couldn’t hand over $504,000 by May 6. It has been over a decade since... Read more »

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