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Facebook Blocked Lil B for Speaking His Mind and His Fans are Not Happy

Anyone who follows Lil B on any social media platform knows that he prefers to use it to spread his messages of love with his massive following. It’s something many of us have become accustomed to,... Read more »

The Week on Twitter With Grimes, Lil B, and Gunplay

This week on Twitter: – Grimes is impressed with some dogs’ Instagram accounts – Lil B is worried about our safety – Gunplay is changing his name Here is the week on twitter. And a GIF... Read more »

The Week on Twitter With A-Trak, Jessie Ware, and Lil B

This week on Twitter: – A-Trak is thankful for DJ Khaled (I mean, aren’t we all?) – Jessie Ware shows some love for Years and Years – Lil B advocates for safe sex Here is the... Read more »

Lil B: “I’m Someone That Has Not Been Driven by the Profit”

Lil B blessed the world with another unforgettable lecture yesterday. Amongst preaching positivity and a based lifestyle, the rare MIT lecture included a freestyle, some legitimately inspirational quotes, and the Based God expressing his love for... Read more »

15 Free Songs You Should Download Right Now

Every Sunday we collect the best free music we can find and put it all in one place. If you fell behind or just feel like building up your iTunes, we've got you covered. Here are... Read more »

The Week On Twitter With Raury, Dev Hynes, and Lil B

This week on Twitter: – Raury meets one of his idols – Dev Hynes is in need of the Internet – Lil B gets hacked and calls for LIL B TASKFORCE. #ProtectLilB Here is the week... Read more »

15 Rappers as Pokemon Cards

Here at P&P, we take music journalism very seriously. That is why we have taken it upon ourselves to answer the age-old question: What if there were Pokémon cards for rappers? We got the idea when... Read more »

A History of Lil B’s Obsession With Feet

Lil B has already worked on removing the stigmas from so many taboos, such as female to male analingus. "GIRLS keep telling me to sit on there face on DM ima let one of these girls... Read more »

20 Times Lil B Emojis Saved the Day

As you should know by now, Lil B dropped a line of custom based emojis. The app is appropriately called Basedmoji. At first, it seems like a silly idea, but it's only been a few days... Read more »

A Timeline of #Internet Aesthetics in Music: 2009-2014

The internet is mankind's worst invention. It's also one of mankind's best inventions. It's a confusing place full of memes, opinions, and naughty bits. But, it's also full of music, and lots of it. As is... Read more »

The Best Lil B Album Covers

As a proud member of Task Force squadron #927, I encounter many fake based people every day while protecting Lil B and Lil B's music. The haters tell me that Lil B can't rap, that Lil... Read more »

I Listened to Lil B For 24 Hours Straight, and This Is What Happened

I’ve been thinking about doing something this ridiculous for a while. I mean, Lil B has a LOT of music. It varies wildly in quality, and a 24 hour marathon of his music seems like the... Read more »

From Weed to Adderall: New Study Shows Shift in Drug References Throughout Rap History

People often joke that there’s a certain formula to rap songs. Rap about money, sex, women and/or drugs and you can probably put your next hit song together like an old game of Mad Libs. While... Read more »

Is this the most based song of all time?

Yes. Yes it is. You like a Soulja Boy if she was a girl/You look like Lil B if he had a vagina –David King... Read more »

When Kendrick Met Shrek (and Other Hilarious Rap Fan Fiction)

There is a lot of weird, hilarious, and often very twisted fan-fiction involving rappers out there, so we collected some of the funniest stories, including Kendrick meeting Shrek, Jared Leto and Kanye falling in love, and... Read more »