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A Timeline of #Internet Aesthetics in Music: 2009-2014

The internet is mankind's worst invention. It's also one of mankind's best inventions. It's a confusing place full of memes, opinions, and naughty bits. But, it's also full of music, and lots of it. As is... Read more »

The Best Lil B Album Covers

As a proud member of Task Force squadron #927, I encounter many fake based people every day while protecting Lil B and Lil B's music. The haters tell me that Lil B can't rap, that Lil... Read more »

I Listened to Lil B For 24 Hours Straight, and This Is What Happened

I’ve been thinking about doing something this ridiculous for a while. I mean, Lil B has a LOT of music. It varies wildly in quality, and a 24 hour marathon of his music seems like the... Read more »

From Weed to Adderall: New Study Shows Shift in Drug References Throughout Rap History

People often joke that there’s a certain formula to rap songs. Rap about money, sex, women and/or drugs and you can probably put your next hit song together like an old game of Mad Libs. While... Read more »

Is this the most based song of all time?

Yes. Yes it is. You like a Soulja Boy if she was a girl/You look like Lil B if he had a vagina –David King... Read more »

When Kendrick Met Shrek (and Other Hilarious Rap Fan Fiction)

There is a lot of weird, hilarious, and often very twisted fan-fiction involving rappers out there, so we collected some of the funniest stories, including Kendrick meeting Shrek, Jared Leto and Kanye falling in love, and... Read more »

Lil B Will (Finally) Have a Documentary Made in His Image

Days after releasing a mixtape 101 songs long, Lil B has returned to the fore with news of a documentary based on his life. IMDB has listed the movie’s release as September 2014, and producer Ethan... Read more »

Lil B Releases 101-Song Mixtape

The Based God has blessed us, verily. Lil B has released 05 Fuck Em this holiday season, a 101-song extravaganza that includes scripture like “Prayin 4 A Brick,” “Bar Mitzvah,” and a “Control” response. It’s the... Read more »

A Field Guide to Music’s Wildest Fan Bases

The phenomenon of groupies became prominent and well publicized in the 1960s and '70s, but musicians have been inspiring rabid, obsessive fans since well before then. In the 1800s, Hungarian composer and pianist Franz Liszt was... Read more »

Musicians Who Are More Interesting Than Their Music

Sometimes, the easiest way to get someone interested in a musician is to have a good story. With the amount of competition out there, a narrative with a hook is enough to give you a head... Read more »

If All Else Fails: Alternative Jobs for Musicians

The P&P staff spends so much of each day thinking about music and the artists behind it that it's often hard to look beyond artistic output and think, "I wonder what these people would be like... Read more »

Watch Lil B Perform “I’m God” and “Like a Martian” at the Pitchfork Music Festival

If you’ve been to a Lil B concert, you’ve seen the legions of hardcore Based God fans who know every word to his songs and have mastered the art of the cooking dance. When you go... Read more »

Lil B Speaks on Kanye West’s “Yeezus”

Before Kanye West declared he was a God, there was another hip-hop figure that claimed he was a holy figure. Lil B emerged from the trenches of the Internet as “Lil B The Based God;” a... Read more »

Must-See Artists at Pitchfork Festival 2013

Pitchfork Festival is this weekend, and odds are a lot of Pigeons & Planes readers will be attending, or at least poring over the internet to see what the latest news from Chicago is. In the... Read more »

Lil B Speaks Out on Women’s Rights, Abortion, and What the World Needs

First off, let’s start with the obligatory “Thank you Based God.” Thank you Based God. Lil B is one of the most entertaining characters in hip-hop music, but while most of his antics are mostly taken... Read more »