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Little Boots – “Broken Record”

On May 7, Little Boots‘ new album, produced by DFA co-founder Goldsworthy, will be released on Repeat Records. The sophomore project, a follow-up to 2009’s Hands, aims to incorporate “’90s house, ’70s disco, and futuristic electronics... Read more »

Little Boots – “Motorway”

Little Boots aka Victoria Christina Hesketh ghosts through the white noise in the video for her new single “Motorway.” Appearing in flashes amidst TV fuzz and splashes of light like water, Hesketh delivers her signature crystalline... Read more »

Little Boots – “Superstitious Hearts”

Earlier this week Little Boots released a “secret” record under the cunningly thought up alias LB, featuring two tracks, “Superstitious Hearts” and “Whatever Sets You Free.” The former, which you can hear below, was produced by rising (and rising... Read more »

Little Boots – “Shake”

Remember Little Boots? It’s definitely been quite some time since we’ve heard any new material from her. There was that mixtape, Shake Until Your Heart Breaks, that was dropped back in September, and if you haven’t... Read more »

Video! Little Boots – "Earthquake"

Here is the visual for Little Boot’s new single titled “Earthquake”. Definitely an awesome video to a dope song! She’s def the woman on the moon with this one!Spotted @ V&V! Pigeons and Planes... Read more »

New! Little Boots – "Remedy" (N.A.M.E. Remix)

Little Boot’s latest single titled “Remedy” is officially out in the UK, you can cop it HERE! But we can jam out to another remix of this single done by N.A.M.E. (Nothing Above Mother Earth) for... Read more »

Video! Little Boots – "Remedy"

Here’s the visual for Little Boot’s new single titled “Remedy”. You can get the single from her online store HERE! Below is the remix of this track done by Buffetlibre vs Sidechains, which has been made... Read more »

New! Little Boots – "Magical" "Love Kills" and "Not Now"

Two days ago, Little Boots released her debut album, “Hands“, in the UK and has already recieved good reviews and sales so far. For the US and Canada, she released her 3rd EP “Illuminations” instead, including... Read more »

New! Little Boots – "Remedy" and "Symmetry"

There aren’t too many female pop artists that I can really get into. Lykke Li is my number one, since she manages to balance straight up catchy pop gems with a Swedish weirdness that I’m drawn... Read more »

Video! Little Boots on BBC Morning Show

Little Boots brings her strange little instrument to the BBC Morning Show, does some talking and some singing. Thanks to The Music Slut. Pigeons and Planes... Read more »