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Album: Logic – “Undeniable”

Young Sinatra aka Logic just fired off this brand new mixtape entitled Undeniable. This makes three official full-length releases since December of 2010. In less than 16 months the Maryland-based emcee has managed to rack up... Read more »

Logic – “The Spotlight”

Here’s a new track from DMV emcee Logic. “Spotlight” features a sample of the incredibly popular Justice hit “D.A.N.C.E.”. A preceding video for the song dropped last Wednesday and amassed over 120K views in just five... Read more »

Video: Logic – “Live On The Air”

DMV emcee Logic is back with supporting visuals for his track “Live On The Air”, a tune featured on the recent Young Sinatra mixtape. Kid’s got flow, how are you feeling about his work thus far?... Read more »

Video: Logic – “All I Do”

Gumby is such a renegade. He’s got his feet all up on Logic‘s interior leather. That’s an expensive Range Rover seat you’re prancing around on, asshole. Logic doesn’t seem to care though. They’re hamming it up,... Read more »

Logic – “Young Sinatra” (Mixtape)

Exactly one month ago to the day (it was actually August 20th but close enough so don’t be a prick and just go along with it) we first promoted a leak from Logic’s sophomore mixtape, which... Read more »

Logic – “Just Another Day” (Video)

Here’s a new track and video from the DMV area’s very own, Logic. “Just Another Day” is the final leak off his anticipated sophomore mixtape Young Sinatra, which is set to spill out everywhere on Monday,... Read more »

Logic – “Young Sinatra II”

It’s the weekend (Friday and Saturday weekend, not “Thursday” Weeknd) which for me means catching up on all that I’ve missed from the previous week. Today that includes covering this new cut from Logic, who is... Read more »