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Watch 36,000 Child Fighters Perform in M.I.A. and Surkin’s Gener8ion’s New Video

Last month French producer Surkin’s Gener8ion shared a collaboration with M.I.A. called “The New International Sound Pt. II.” The production seems fitting for a trailer for a major action movie. The music video falls right into... Read more »

M.I.A Announces New Mixtape and Short Film

M.I.A. recently used her personal Instagram account to announce that she will be releasing a new mixtape. She uploaded a screenshot of the press release she sent over to her label—admitting that her fans would be... Read more »

Listen to M.I.A.’s New Collaboration With Surkin’s Gener8ion

French producer Surkin is launching a new project, Gener8ion, this summer. The first taste of what’s included on the EP is an M.I.A. collaboration, titled “The New International Sound Pt. II.” The track is an upbeat... Read more »

M.I.A.: “I’ve been told I can’t put out a video because it’s shot in Africa”

Just over a week ago, M.I.A. uploaded a demo of an excellent, politically charged new song called “Platforms” to her Soundcloud. It was swiftly taken down, and now it seems as if M.I.A. is having more trouble, presumably... Read more »

Top Ten Musical Moments With David Letterman

When one thinks about David Letterman and music, the first person to come to mind is Paul Shaffer. The musical director and bandleader, himself a Hollywood veteran, plays the affable yet acerbic foil to Dave's dry... Read more »

M.I.A. – “Platforms”

Earlier today, M.I.A. tweeted that if she could find her Soundcloud password (we feel your pain, M.I.A.), she’d upload a new demo. She must have found it, because here’s the track, “Platforms.” It may be labelled... Read more »

M.I.A. – “CanSeeCanDo”

“Hang in there, summer is coming,” M.I.A. tweeted after  announcing a new song called “All My People.” She decided to hold off on releasing that song, but uploaded “CanSeeCanDo” instead. She added on SoundCloud: “DEMOCRACY CONVERSATIONS... Read more »

Interview: Young Australian Rapper Tkay Maidza is Blowing Up, But Won’t Stop Having Fun Making Music

By Deanna Young While most kids her age were still trying and failing to sneak into R rated movies last year, or perhaps awaiting the day they could legally purchase lotto tickets and have their shots... Read more »

Steel Drums: Best Where You’d Least Expect Them

In modern music, so many sounds are grossly overused. The market is saturated with skittering hi-hats, 808s, synths, hand claps, strings, pianos, and other garbage. Every now and then, though, you hear a sound designed by... Read more »

20 of the Best Artist Websites on the Internet

If you're an artist trying to make money off music and you don't have a good website, you're missing out. These days, getting a great website isn't hard. There are high school kids around the world... Read more »