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Video: M.I.A. and Janelle Monáe Perform Together as Holograms

It’s surprising that more artists haven’t taken advantage of that whole hologram business since Tupac was “resurrected” at Coachella 2012. But last night, M.I.A., who was in New York, and Janelle Monáe, who was in L.A.,... Read more »

M.I.A. Announces US Tour Dates With A$AP Ferg

M.I.A. and A$AP Ferg both released fantastic albums at the end of last year and now the two are set to hit the road together for a string of US tour dates. The leg comes as... Read more »

NFL Now Asking $16.6 Million in Lawsuit Against M.I.A. Over Superbowl Middle Finger

Last September, the NFL initiated legal proceedings against M.I.A. for her 2012 Superbowl halftime performance, during which the singer flipped up her middle finger to the camera. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the NFL is now... Read more »

Listen to Nire’s Beautifully Twisted Remixes of FKA twigs, A$AP Ferg, Bjork, and Beyonce

We don’t know much about NYC producer Nire, but we do know that she can definitely put together a great remix. Jumping out the gate with the Plur Allure “remixtape,” Nire laces us with beautifully skewed versions... Read more »

M.I.A. Announces That She’s Leaving Roc Nation

Earlier this month, Grimes announced that she joined the roster at Jay-Z’s Roc Nation management company, and today M.I.A. reveals that she’ll be leaving. M.I.A. has been with Roc Nation since mid-2012 and she revealed the... Read more »

M.I.A. is Selling Limited Edition Silk Shirts

Alright, M.I.A. fans and hypebeasts: here’s something that may pique your interest. Last night, the rapper/singer posted photos of limited edition t-shirts via her Instagram account. These shirts are “one off 100% silk woven metallic gold... Read more »

Why 2013 Was a Terrible Year for Women in Hip-Hop

Two days ago, Brooklyn-by-way-of-Detroit rapper Angel Haze sent a literal "fuck you" to her record label Island/Republic by unleashing a deluge of passionate tweets before leaking her entire debut album Dirty Gold on SoundCloud three months... Read more »

Watch M.I.A. Perform “Y.A.L.A.” and “Come Walk With Me” on the Colbert Report

M.I.A. was on the Colbert Report last night, supporting the release of her latest album Matnagi, and, after a brief chat with the host about America and politics in music, performed “Come Walk With Me” and “Y.A.L.A.” During... Read more »

Video: M.I.A. – “Y.A.L.A.”

Here’s your official warning: things get pretty intense in the video for M.I.A.’s “Y.A.L.A.,” including flashing images and vibrant, neon colors, so please proceed at your own risk. Perfectly complementing Maya’s banger of a track, the... Read more »

Watch M.I.A.’s Trippy Performance of “YALA” On Conan

M.I.A.’s fantastic Matangi came out last week and in support of the album, the singer stopped by Conan last night. There she put on a very trippy performance of recent single “YALA,” complete with elaborate and... Read more »

Best Songs of the Week

With so much good music steadily coming through, it's easy to miss out on some of the best. To help prevent this, we've picked some of our favorite tracks from the week. Here are the songs... Read more »

Video: M.I.A. Performs “Come Walk With Me” on Jimmy Fallon

In support of her recently released album, Matangi, M.I.A. paid Jimmy Fallon a visit last night. With a bit of help from The Roots, a cool, calm, and collected Maya performed “Come Walk With Me” off... Read more »

Music Recommendations Based on the Artists You Already Like

It's 2013, and human beings are still trying to figure out how to automate music discovery. Trends come and go, new services pop up and disappear, and a music discovery app is created, marketed, and killed... Read more »

Things You Didn’t Know About M.I.A.

When faced with adversity, some people shell up. They retreat into silence or complacency. Adversity wins. This is not how M.I.A. has dealt with adversity. Throughout her life, M.I.A. has experienced violence, political unrest, instability in her... Read more »

M.I.A. Speaks on the Super Bowl Incident, Being “Provocative,” and the Influence of the WikiLeaks Founder on “Matangi”

There years have passed, and M.I.A.’s fourth album, Matangi, is finally here. But those years between Maya and Mantangi were not spent quietly; between flipping the bird at the Super Bowl and dropping a mixtape out... Read more »