Watch Madonna and Stevie Wonder Pay Tribute to Prince

The pair came together for a grandiose rendition of Prince's classic, "Purple Rain".... Read more »

New Petition Doesn’t Want Madonna As “Only Artist Tributing Prince” at Billboard Awards

“He is more worthy of a better choice as a main performer.”... Read more »

Madonna is Officially the Highest Grossing Touring Solo Artist of All Time

She's made $1.31 billion in ticket sales over the years.... Read more »

Diplo Shares What it Was Like to Work With Madonna

"She showed me a whole other level of dedication."... Read more »

15 GIFs that Make Us Happy 2015 is Over

2015 sucked. ... Read more »

Watch Madonna Perform “Imagine,” “Like A Prayer” At Impromptu Paris Street Concert

The three song set was in remembrance of the victims of the November attacks. ... Read more »

Watch Madonna Give A Speech Remembering the Victims of the Paris Attacks

"This whole show is about celebrating life and standing up for your rights, fighting for what you believe in. "... Read more »

Here’s What Happens When You Leak a Superstar’s Album

Although most of us can’t fathom a few hours without wifi, ridding oneself of all internet connectivity is a necessary precaution for certain entertainment industry superstars. Madonna... Read more »

Shock, Not Awe: Madonna’s Battle for Continued Cultural Relevance

To recap: 2009 was The Year Kanye Interrupted Taylor Swift. 2012 was The Year of Tupac’s Hologram. And while we’re only a couple of months... Read more »

Madonna Says Drake Begged Her to Kiss Him at Coachella

One of the biggest stories to come out of Coachella on the first weekend was when Drake invited Madonna out on stage and they both... Read more »

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