Watch Madonna and Stevie Wonder Pay Tribute to Prince

The pair came together for a grandiose rendition of Prince's classic, "Purple Rain".... Read more »

New Petition Doesn’t Want Madonna As “Only Artist Tributing Prince” at Billboard Awards

“He is more worthy of a better choice as a main performer.”... Read more »

Madonna is Officially the Highest Grossing Touring Solo Artist of All Time

She's made $1.31 billion in ticket sales over the years.... Read more »

Diplo Shares What it Was Like to Work With Madonna

"She showed me a whole other level of dedication."... Read more »

15 GIFs that Make Us Happy 2015 is Over

2015 sucked. ... Read more »

Watch Madonna Perform “Imagine,” “Like A Prayer” At Impromptu Paris Street Concert

The three song set was in remembrance of the victims of the November attacks. ... Read more »

Watch Madonna Give A Speech Remembering the Victims of the Paris Attacks

"This whole show is about celebrating life and standing up for your rights, fighting for what you believe in. "... Read more »

Here’s What Happens When You Leak a Superstar’s Album

Although most of us can’t fathom a few hours without wifi, ridding oneself of all internet connectivity is a necessary precaution for certain entertainment industry superstars. Madonna... Read more »

Shock, Not Awe: Madonna’s Battle for Continued Cultural Relevance

To recap: 2009 was The Year Kanye Interrupted Taylor Swift. 2012 was The Year of Tupac’s Hologram. And while we’re only a couple of months... Read more »

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