Alicia Keys ft. Maino – "Sleeping With A Broken Heart" (Remix)

At first I was confused and thought Gucci Mane was on this remix. When I played it I was like “Whoa! Gucci can speak English!”... Read more »

New! Rakim ft. Maino – "Walk These Streets"

New one from Rakim’s Seventh Seal. New Rakim? Featuring Maino? Weird. It’s like seeing KRS-One call Lil Wayne the best rapper alive. Yeah, that happened.... Read more »

New! Wyclef ft. Maino – "Don't Wanna Go Outside"

2 things: 1) Wyclef announced he’s going back to school to get a degree from Berklee College of Music. If Wyclef was in my class,... Read more »

New! Maino ft. T-Pain, Young Jeezy – All The Above (Remix)

Young Jeezy hops on the remix. Thanks to NMC. Whoa-Oh! Maino ft. T-Pain, Young Jeezy – All The Above Pigeons and Planes... Read more »

New! Rogo's Best Of The Day

Yes Yes I am still here. I was on vacation for the weekend and things have been hectic so I was on a sort of... Read more »

New! DJ Yoda ft. Lil Wayne, Maino, Kardinal Offishall…etc. – "Colorful Clothes"

This is one of those times that I just wanna say “ft. Lil Wayne, Maino, Kardinal Offishall, and some other dudes”. But then I hear... Read more »

New! Maino ft. T-Pain – All The Above + Beanie Sigel ft. R.Kelly – All The Above

Maino ft. T-Pain – All The Above Anyone remember Beanie and Kelz “All The Above”? Which one is better? For me, that’s easy. Beanie Sigel... Read more »