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Marilyn Manson Performs with 8th Grade Metal Band Unlocking The Truth

The young metal band Unlocking The Truth has been gaining lots of attention within the last year. Partially because they’re a band of 8th graders but mostly because they’re very good. Since signing a deal with... Read more »

Rap Genius Started Premiering Albums and Hiring Music Critics

Lyrical annotation site Genius is making moves. We first knew them as Rap Genius, but the site soon grew to include other genres like Rock Genius and literary annotations from Shakespeare to Game of Thrones. They’ve... Read more »

Watch Marilyn Manson, Johnny Depp, and Die Antwoord Perform “The Beautiful People” Together

If you thought Baauer, AlunaGeorge, and Rae Sremmurd was the strangest combination of three artists this year, get ready to have your mind blown. Last night, on Halloween, Marilyn Manson had a couple of surprises during the... Read more »

The World According to Marilyn Manson

Demonized and revered, Marilyn Manson once stood as the singular boogie man of American pop culture. The self-styled "Antichrist Superstar" frightened parents, inspired fans, and challenged expectations for the intelligence and consideration of a modern rock... Read more »

Marilyn Manson Teams Up With Funny Or Die, Tells Scary Stories to Teens Around a Campfire

In the latest Funny Or Die installment, Marilyn Manson sets out to join the Scary Storytellers Crew, but to get in, he has to impress the group with some scary stories of his own. He gives... Read more »

Hear Marilyn Manson Rap With Gucci Mane on “P*ssy Wet”

Marilyn Manson and Gucci Mane might not seem like they have a lot in common, but they both know a thing or two about being different, and they hit it off when they linked up at... Read more »

The High School Yearbook Photos of Kid Rock, Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson and Other Heavy Metal Rockers

High school is awkward. It doesn’t matter if you’re the most popular kid in school or the class nerd, no one is really safe from the embarrassment that seems to naturally coincide with your teenage years.... Read more »

Hear Girl Talk Perform New Kanye West and Daft Punk Mash-Ups

With the summer in full swing there’s nothing better than hitting up a high energy show, dancing your face clean off and partying like a total asshole until the lights go out. In that spirit mash-up... Read more »

Marilyn Manson Dedicates Song to Paris Jackson at the Show She Was Forbidden to Attend

Paris Jackson was in the news this week for what amounts to a suicide attempt. Paris is still reportedly recovering in the hospital after cutting her arm with a meat cleaver and taking an abundance of... Read more »

Sunday Book Review: Walking Through Hell With Marilyn Manson

From the day he first strutted out on stage, Brian Warner aka Marilyn Manson has been controversy flypaper. He has riled up the Christian Right and inspired rumors so outrageous that they flaunt the boundaries of... Read more »

Watch Marilyn Manson Evade Paparazzi With a Smoke Bomb

When Marilyn Manson exited the Spring Breakers after-party in Los Angeles, he apparently didn’t feel like being photographed. Paparazzi and fans waited outside with cameras, but Manson had a trick up his sleeve—before making his way... Read more »

Charles Manson’s Open Letter To Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson got an interesting piece of mail: a handwritten card from one of the most notorious inmates in the country and the man from whom the singer gets his name, Charles Manson. Apparently Charles has... Read more »

20 Pictures Of Musicians And Their Spouses

We’ve imagined musicians as hipsters and as animals, and we’ve seen them with their pets. This time around, we see them in a more normal light. Here are 20 pictures of rock stars and their spouses. Check out... Read more »

Video: Marilyn Manson – “No Reflection”

Same old Marilyn Manson. It’s 2012, and since he left, there still hasn’t been anything like him in mainstream music. Does that mean we need him back? That’s debatable. But it’s also not up to us.... Read more »

Listen To Marilyn Manson’s New Single “No Reflection”

Marilyn Manson is set to make a comeback with Born Villain on May 1st. It will be his first album since breaking free from Interscope and joining with Cooked Vinyl. Also, there will be a song... Read more »

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