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Here’s The Beck and Beyoncé Mash-Up That You’ve Been Waiting For

The internet works its magic again, with this mash-up of Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” and Beck’s “Loser.” The result, “Single Loser (Put A Beck On It)” is very rough around the edges,... Read more »

Hear FKA twigs and The Notorious B.I.G. Mashed Up on “Video Girl Dreams”

Chances are you either love or hate mash-ups. Actually, you probably hate most mash-ups. We all do, but sometimes, they’re fun. When it comes to this very particular craft, there are only a few names who... Read more »

This Mash-Up of Gucci Mane and SOPHIE’s “Lemonade” Makes So Much Sense

Damn, this just makes so much sense, why are we only now hearing this? Thanks to the glories of the internet and the Soundcloud account Rare MP3s, we now have this wonderfully bouncy mash-up of Gucci... Read more »

Lana Del Rae = Lana Del Rey x Rae Sremmurd

Sometimes, the best starting point for a mash-up is a good name. Lana Del Rey and Rae Sremmurd don’t have much in common musically, but that Lana Del Rae name is just too good to resist,... Read more »

Here’s “Backseat Shake Off,” the Inevitable Kendrick Lamar and Taylor Swift Mash-Up

If you didn’t see this one coming, you don’t get the internet. The internet went crazy for a video of Taylor Swift rapping along to Kendrick Lamar’s “Backseat Freestyle,” and again for a video of Kendrick Lamar... Read more »

Listen to Baby Duka’s New “Just A Gigolo/Sky’s the Limit” Featuring Kwamie Liv

Producer BABY DUKA is getting ready to drop his Maskuline Mixtape, and for his latest release, he’s teamed up with Kwamie Liv for this mash-up that pairs a Louis Armstrong melody with a Biggie Smalls classic. The... Read more »

This Marvin Gaye/Yasiin Bey Project is More Than Your Average Mash-Up Album

A week after dropping the preview to the second installment of his mash-up project Yasiin Gaye, Nashville composer Amerigo Gazaway has released Yasiin Gaye: The Return. Joining together the forces of iconic singer Marvin Gaye with rapper Yasiin Bey—formerly Mos... Read more »

Hear Future, Pusha T, and Pharrell Mashed Up With Future Islands

The idea of Future, Pusha T, and Pharrell over Future Islands seems like a funny concept, but it’s strangely beautiful. This is “Seasons (Waiting On You)” mashed up with “Move That Dope,” and it’s a blend courtesy... Read more »

Big Boi ft. the Menahan Street Band – “Damaged World”

You don’t usually get rappers of Big Boi’s caliber releasing free mash-ups every week, but he’s been doing just that, labeling the releases #MashUpMondays. For his latest, he borrows the music of the Menahan Street Band... Read more »

Hear Big Boi, UGK, and Big Krit Mashed Up With Blue Oyster Cult on “Gossipzilla”

Big Boi is no stranger to eclectic sounds and flipping genres on their head, but this one is especially out there (in a good way.) For “Gossipzilla,” Big Boi’s “Gossip” gets mashed up with Blue Oyster... Read more »

Rihanna’s “Stay” and Miike Snow’s “Animal” Blend Together Perfectly

This mash-up has been in my head ever since I heard Rihanna’s “Stay.” I even tweeted about it back in April. Finally, someone with a beautiful mind (and voice) has made it happen. Here is Rihanna’s... Read more »

10 Notorious B.I.G. Mash-Ups That Don’t Suck

Love it or hate it, you'll probably find yourself, at some point in life, nodding along to a Biggie mash-up. Producers just can't help themselves—Biggie had one of those buttery deliveries that seems to melt into... Read more »

Listen to an Album of Death Cab For Cutie and Death Grips Mash-Ups

Any aspiring mash-up makers should know that the key to a successful mash-up is a good name. Start with a good name, and your project is surely destined for success, no matter how awkward and clunky... Read more »

Portugal. The Man Mashed Up With Biggie, Jay Z, Kanye West, and More

Portugal. The Man‘s John Gourley is a fan of hip-hop. This might not be immediately obvious when you press play on the band’s latest album, Evil Friends, but it makes sense. The Danger Mouse production hits... Read more »

Kanye West’s “Black Skinhead” Mashed Up With Tame Impala’s “Elephant”

Didn’t see this coming, but once you think about it, it kind of makes sense, and Nate Belasco pulled it off. The driving, urgent beats of Tame Impala‘s “Elephant” and Kanye West‘s “Black Skinhead” come together for this... Read more »