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It Looks Like MF DOOM is “Just About Done” With Madvillainy 2

When we talked to Peanut Butter Wolf, founder of Stones Throw Records, we asked what we could do to make Madvillainy 2 happen. He replied, “I guess someone could start a petition.” So we started a... Read more »

Sign This Petition to Get Madlib and MF DOOM to Release “Madvillainy 2″

Madlib and MF DOOM’s Madvillainy is a classic. It came out in 2004, and we recently passed the 10 year anniversary of the record, with underground hip-hop fans still waiting and hoping for a sequel. Madlib... Read more »

Peanut Butter Wolf on Why Stones Throw Is Different and What We Can Do to Make “Madvillainy 2″ Happen

Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton, the documentary about the legendary independent label Stones Throw, is truly inspiring. Charting the label’s history, from its beginnings as a means for Peanut Butter Wolf to release the album he... Read more »

“He rhymes as weird as I feel”: Your Favorite Rappers on MF DOOM

Almost by design, Madvillainy is the stuff critics and anti-commercial backpackers' dreams are made of. It's track after track, bar after bar, of witticisms, punchlines, and English language mastery waxed over some the dustiest, funkiest beats... Read more »

JJ DOOM – “Bookhead (DOOM Remix)”

A short while ago, it was reported that MF DOOM was collaborating with Clarks for some new wallabee shoes that he designed. While some were concerned that DOOM was drifting away from music, he apparently used... Read more »

Watch a Short Documentary Featuring DOOM and Bishop Nehru

The elusive DOOM isn’t one you see on video very often, but he made a rare appearance in this new mini-documentary shot in London. He’s got the Nehruvian Doom EP in the works with young rapper Bishop... Read more »

Rapper Duos We’d Like to See Make Albums Together

Though rare, collaborative albums between high profile rappers have a bit of a spotty history. For every Watch The Throne and Like Father, Like Son, there is a Best of Both Worlds or a BAYTL—a soaring... Read more »

8 Things DOOM is Doing (and What We Wish He’d Do Instead)

DOOM keeps randomly popping up in headlines. Whether it's an update on the long-awaited Madvillainy sequel, an announcement of a new collaboration project, or new DOOM product hitting the market, the masked rapper has been making... Read more »

Watch a Short Documentary on DOOM’S Collaboration With Clarks Originals

When one thinks of MF DOOM, one usually only conjures up images of that metal mask. The rest of the man’s attire is never considered. But apparently, the masked supervillain’s also got a soft spot for... Read more »

Six Awesome MF DOOM Remixes Worth Checking Out on Soundcloud

DOOM has a very particular style, which makes it interesting that he brings out different sides of producers who choose to work with him or remix him. Some imitate DOOM-style production as best as they can,... Read more »

The 15 Best MF DOOM Songs (That DOOM Rapped on and Produced)

Few rappers and producers have as distinctive a style as DOOM. Inspite of his many identities and the sonic experiments that have accompanied them, the core of his style is immediately recognizable: Smooth, drawled rhymes packed... Read more »

Watch a Vintage Unmasked MF DOOM Interview

With the 15th anniversary of MF DOOM’s debut album Operation: Doomsday just around the corner, there’s been a surgent of photos, clips, and old material of and from the rapper. Posted on Reddit earlier today was... Read more »

Behind the Mask: Decoding The Most Obscure MF DOOM References

DOOM is a character. Although he's clearly a strange and entertaining guy, that's also meant literally; the rapper has been playing a very dedicated role for the past two decades. Often, he takes the concept of... Read more »

The New Madvillain Album is Real, According to At Least One Fan at Madlib’s Secret Show Last Night

Last night at Dance Tunnel in London, Madlib decided to put on a last-minute show, and getting in wasn’t easy. Fans who heard about the event showed up and waited in line for hours, but those... Read more »

Cooking Up MF DOOM’s Food References in the P&P Test Kitchen

I'm back. Weird, right? We don't know when Action Bronson will be releasing a new project (and no, Romanian Waitresses isn't actually a thing), so what the hell am I cooking in the kitchen? Well, though Bronson... Read more »