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There’s a New Michael Jackson Album Coming in May

Posthumous albums from music legends always yield mixed reactions. Without the artist’s input, the music is left in other people’s hands, and if it doesn’t turn out well, fans and critics will let their feelings be... Read more »

The Most Hilariously Bad Music Fan Tattoos

As many people know, us music fans are quite a special breed. We tend to be a little obsessive when it comes to our music. Over the years many fans have shown their devotion by going... Read more »

Tinashe’s 10 Favorite R&B Songs

Tinashe staked her claim as an artist to look out for in the world of R&B in 2013. Specifically, she was exploring that downtempo "alt-R&B" lane, mixing syrupy vocals with hazy electronic production from people like... Read more »

Hear Tame Impala’s Cover of Michael Jackson’s “Stranger in Moscow”

For no other reason given than just simply “MJ 4 eva,” Australian rockers Tame Impala covered Michael Jackson’s 1997 hit “Stranger in Moscow” and shared it with fans last night on their Facebook. The band’s version... Read more »

Permanent Records: Musical Achievements That (Probably) Won’t Get Matched in Our Lifetime

By Brian Josephs Most people would love a chance to say that they’ve been a part of or a witness to history. Take Tony Hawk’s 900 back in 1999. You may not normally watch skateboarding, or... Read more »

Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” Video Gets Recreated With Lego

If you grew up with Lego, then you might understand the significance of this incredible Lego recreation of Michael Jackson‘s “Thriller.” That shit ain’t easy. Sure, you can build a miniature house or a car fairly... Read more »

The Chiptune Underground: Lana Del Rey, Radiohead, and Beethoven in 8-Bit

Going back to music recorded before the advent of MIDIs and grid-snaps and the digital spectrum of sound is often a completely different listening experience. When musicians finally started experimenting with 0s and 1s, the first... Read more »

Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson Duet Coming This Fall

Before you get your hopes up: nobody got resurrected, nobody was found on a secret island, and nobody ripped off a mask Scooby-Doo style to reveal either of these music legend as alive and well. There... Read more »

Hear Girl Talk Perform New Kanye West and Daft Punk Mash-Ups

With the summer in full swing there’s nothing better than hitting up a high energy show, dancing your face clean off and partying like a total asshole until the lights go out. In that spirit mash-up... Read more »

11 Times it Was Painfully Obvious That Famous Singers Were Lip-Syncing

To the music community, lip-syncing is kind of like picking your nose; no one wants to admit it and they definitely don't want to get caught doing it in public, but at some point, almost everyone... Read more »

The 15 Worst Music Videos of the ’90s

There's something that makes the '90s so, well... '90s. They were an awkward batch of fuzzy years. It was an interesting time to grow up though, especially in terms of experiencing music. A lot of new,... Read more »

YouTube Strips Videos of Phony Views, Major Labels Hit Hardest

In their ongoing efforts to combat view count manipulators, YouTube has stripped major labels of more than two billion views across various channels. In addition, the online video juggernaut has taken down videos that are in... Read more »

Nite Jewel – “P.Y.T. (Michael Jackson Cover)”

Nite Jewel proves that even if you slow down “PYT” and strip it of that funky bounce, the sentiment still remains strong. Ramona Gonzalez takes the Thriller track into her own world, and it works incredibly... Read more »

Video: Spike Lee’s Michael Jackson Documentary, “BAD25″

As previously reported, Spike Lee has a new Michael Jackson documentary out titled Michael Jackson: BAD25. For those who missed the premiere on ABC last night, you can currently watch the documentary in its entirety below... Read more »

The 10 Best Remixes of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”

Are there any other songs that scream “Halloween” louder than the classic funk of Michael Jackson‘s “Thriller?” The album of the same name is the best-selling album of all time, and this single helped catapult it... Read more »