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Firefly Music Festival Announces Lineup: Kings Of Leon, Morrissey, Modest Mouse, Charli XCX, Run The Jewels & More

Firefly Music Festival announced its 2015 lineup today. Headlining the three day festival will be rockers Kings Of Leon, The Killers, and (if the rumors are true) Paul McCartney. The programming’s unofficial mid-aughts throwback theme also includes acts like... Read more »

Modest Mouse – “The Ground Walks, with Time in a Box”

Modest Mouse has released the fourth single from their upcoming album Strangers to Ourselves, the first LP to be released since 2009’s No One’s First and You’re Next. “The Ground Walks, with Time in a Box” is a... Read more »

Modest Mouse – “Lampshades on Fire”

Just days after announcing their first release in nearly six years, indie rock legends Modest Mouse have shared a lead single. It’s called “Lampshades on Fire,” and you can listen to it here. This new single... Read more »

A New Modest Mouse Album is Coming Very, Very Soon

Modest Mouse fans: rejoice. The band has officially announced their new album, Strangers to Ourselves, the first one since 2009’s No One’s First and You’re Next. According to Modest Mouse fansite Interstate-8, the band’s management has... Read more »

Video: Modest Mouse Shares New Material in Pomona

Making the most out of their Coachella weekends, Modest Mouse put on a show in Pomona between Coachella weekends one and two. The band debuted a new song during their first set in Indio, and at... Read more »

15 Albums That All Hipsters Love

"Hipster" has almost become a dirty word, but if we're being honest, they've usually got pretty good taste in music. Often driven by creative and forward-thinking aesthetics above all else, hipsters and music snobs are often... Read more »

New! Dikky – *Modest Nas* (Modest Mouse Vs Nas Mash-Up LP)

Dikky just hit me with this pretty nice mash-up album in which he blends Modest Mouse’s *Good News For People Who Love Bad News* with various Nas tracks. Below are two joints off of the 13... Read more »

Modest Mouse Video Directed By Heath Ledger

King Rat Before his untimely death, Heath Ledger began directing a video for Modest Mouse’s “King Rat”. Unfortunately he died before the video was completed, and it has been languishing in limbo until now. Watch Ledger’s... Read more »

Modest Mouse -"The Whale Song"-mp3

New Modest Mouse b-side, the mostly instrumental “The Whale Song” does have vocals about 2:55 in the 6 minute jump from new 7″ “Autumn Beds” out June 23rd. glook from MFR. Modest Mouse -“The Whale Song”-mp3... Read more »

Modest Mouse – "Guilty Cocker Spaniels"

“Guilty Cocker Spaniel” is the b-side from Modest Mouse’s Satellite Skin limited-edition 7″. “Satellite Skin” is the single from No One’s First, a compilation of unreleased tracks and b-sides. Confusion put up a MySpace rip of... Read more »

New! Modest Mouse – Satellite Skin

You may have heard this song when Modest Mouse played it on Letterman. Now they put the studio version up on their MySpace, and thanks to Willis, we have an mp3. Keep in mind, it’s a... Read more »

Modest Mouse – I've Got It All(most)

Here’s what is loosely being called a “new” Modest Mouse song. It was a released as a B-Side from Good News, but quickly taken down from itunes, leading some to believe that the song may be... Read more »

Modest Mouse Announces US Tour Without Marr + mp3

Modest Mouse has announced a tour of the US without guitarist Johnny Marr, who is busy working on an album with The Cribs. No word is he is still an official member of the band or... Read more »

Unreleased! Modest Mouse – "White Lies, Yellow Teeth" and "Calculus Teeth" and Modest Mouse + Lil Wayne! AND "Fly Trapped In A Jar"!

I randomly got a craving for some Modest Mouse, so I figured maybe you did too. Modest Mouse is one of those bands that I’ve had trouble coming to terms with over the years. When I... Read more »

Pigeons and Planes Halloween Mix

For different reasons, some obvious and others unknown, these songs all remind me of October 31st. In no particular order, here is the Pigeons and Planes Halloween Mix 2008. Happy Halloween! Michael Jackson – ThrillerThe Beatles... Read more »