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Don’t Worry, Mumford & Sons Hate Their Name Too

Just a couple of weeks ago, Mumford & Sons dissed the idea of Jay Z’s Tidal (they may have been on to something…) and now the band is dissing something else: themselves. In an incredibly self-aware... Read more »

Mumford & Sons on the Launch of Jay Z’s Tidal: “That’s just commercial bullsh*t”

We’re still waiting to see what Jay Z’s streaming service, Tidal, is all about. The exclusive content has started rolling in, but we’ve yet to hear exactly how this “artist-owned” service will differ from the other... Read more »

“There Won’t be Any Mumford & Sons Activities for the Foreseeable Future”

Buzzkill for anyone hoedowning in their kitchen on this beautiful Saturday afternoon: Mumford & Sons are on hiatus. The band spoke to Rolling Stone and broke the news. “There won’t be any Mumford & Sons activities... Read more »

Mumford and Sons Launch Festival Beer “Lewes Stopover Brew”

British folk revivalists Mumford and Sons announced this weekend that they have partnered with a brewery to concoct their own beer. For the Lewes summer festival, the group teamed with a local Brewery called Harvey to... Read more »

How To Start a Mumford Band

After becoming one of the most popular indie bands out, Mumford & Sons have spread into the mainstream realm and turned into the butt of many jokes. The latest is this video by The Key of Awesome... Read more »

Video: Mumford & Sons – “Whispers In The Dark”

The boys of Mumford & Sons are back with the video for their new single, “Whispers In The Dark.” The video is split into four parts, following each band member as they make their way to... Read more »

Mumford & Sons Want to Make Hip-Hop

There are many variations on the theme of “Mo Money Mo Problems,” and one of the best examples is with indie bands who make it big and then start getting hated on. While Mumford & Sons... Read more »

Video: Thumpers – “Dancing’s Done”

If you’ve been in a public space with a radio in the past two years, chances are you’ve been treated to the folksy, stomping phenomenon that is Mumford and Sons. Hold that thought. Perhaps a set... Read more »

Watch Mumford & Sons Perform On Saturday Night Live

About the new album, Mumford & Sons frontman Marcus Mumford told The Sun, “We wanted our second album to be an advert for our live shows. That’s why it’s more of a mixture than the first record.... Read more »

Video: Mumford & Sons – “I Will Wait”

Mumford & Sons‘ Babel is coming on September 24th, and their new single gets a video featuring live footage from the beautiful Red Rocks venue. Live footage in music videos can be a little underwhelming, but... Read more »