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Watch Nardwuar Interview Ab-Soul

Less than 30 seconds into Nardwuar’s Ab-Soul interview, the TDE MC offers a pretty stern warning: “If you say something too weird, I might punch you.” But all of that tension subsides as The Human Serviette begins asking... Read more »

Watch Nardwuar Interview Yung Lean

It was only a matter of time before Nardwuar caught up with Yung Lean. The two connected in Vancouver on the Sad Boy general’s 18th birthday last week, and the interview is expectedly entertaining. Accompanied by... Read more »

Watch Nardwuar Interview the Wu-Tang Clan

Here’s what happens when Nardwuar finds himself in a room with (most of) the Wu-Tang Clan. Masta Killa teaches Nardwuar how to rock his hat, RZA drops tons of knowledge and quotes Buddha, and this may be... Read more »

Watch Nardwuar Interview MØ

If you’re a musician and you stop by Vancouver, BC, there’s a chance you’ll be invited to spend some time with Nardwuar. Danish singer MØ is the latest to meet Nardwuar, and she spoke about her... Read more »

Watch Nardwuar’s Interview With Future

If you follow Nardwuar on Instagram, then you’ll know that he kept really busy at SXSW and interviewed a number of artists during his time there. Today, The Human Serviette shares his interview with Future. The... Read more »

Watch Nardwuar’s Interview With Gunplay

Nardwuar and Gunplay are both out of this world, and while they carry themselves very differently, it strangely makes sense that they’d get along. While at SXSW, Nardwuar did what he does best and knocked out... Read more »

Watch Nardwuar’s Interview With ScHoolBoy Q

When you open an interview with giving someone Cheech & Chong rolling papers, you know that interview is going to be good. That’s the first gift Nardwuar gave ScHoolboy Q when the Human Serviette got a... Read more »

“The minute you’re not scared is the minute you should quit”: Nardwuar on Drake, Kanye, and Talking To Kurt Cobain

Nardwuar, the Human Serviette seems to know everything about everyone, but few seem to know much at all about the 45-year-old journalist. With a fascinating career that spans well over two decades, one that has propelled... Read more »

Video: Nardwuar vs. Chance The Rapper

Nardwuar’s a busy man. Just this week, we saw him interview the young Brit King Krule and today we see him grill Chance the Rapper for 12 minutes in Vancouver. As per usual with Nardwuar interviews,... Read more »

Video: Nardwuar vs. King Krule

King Krule braved the Nardwuar assault and came out clean. Because Nardwuar can rub people the wrong way. Remember when he interviewed Nas? (“you are fucking nuts, you are a fucking psycho…but it’s all love“). No... Read more »

Video: FIDLAR vs. Nardwuar

During their recent gig in Vancouver, B.C., FIDLAR set some time aside for Nardwuar for yet another entertaining interview. The Human Serviette talks to the L.A. collective about the first bands they were ever involved with,... Read more »

Video: Nardwuar Interviews Hudson Mohawke

Before Hudson Mohawke‘s recent show in Vancouver, B.C., Nardwuar got to speak with the Scottish DJ/producer. As per usual, the Human Serviette’s questions get pretty personal, and the two discuss HudMo’s father’s brief rap career, how... Read more »

An Ode To The Human Serviette: A Look at The Infamous Nardwuar Pose

Nardwuar, The Human Serviette has been setting the bar high when it comes to one-on-one interviews. He digs deep for the most obscure information and his quirky demeanor always brings out an interesting side of artists... Read more »

Watch Nardwuar Interview Sigur Ros

Sigur Rós went to Canada and, as is the custom, they were subjected to a glorious interview with the plaid-capped humanoid Nardwuar. The Icelandic trio isn’t perturbed in the least by the parade of metal “picture... Read more »

Watch Nardwuar Interview Purity Ring

After his epic 46 minute discussion with Questlove, Nardwuar is back with another interview, this time with electro-indie duo Purity Ring. Together they talk about notable Edmonton music, that time Megan slept with a Kangaroo and... Read more »

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