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Necro’s Favorite Songs About Death

Necro is not a household name, but that doesn’t make his impact to the hip-hop community any less important. Consider this: In 2011, a rapper from Brooklyn named Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire rapped over the instrumental for... Read more »

Video: Necro – “No Concern”

In 2011, we saw a lot of rappers opening up and showing their sensitive side. Necro, however, has no soft side. He stays making that hardcore murder rap, being obsessed with death, and representing insensitivity above... Read more »

Video: Necro – “Creepy Crawl”

Last night I rewatched Kid Cudi and Cage’s “Maniac” short film, so I’ve been in the mood for some gore. “Maniac”–although shocking–was done in an artistic, tasteful way. Necro? Not so tasteful. This is gory, filled... Read more »

Video! Necro – “DIE!”

Necro is here with two versions to go with the title track off his newest album. It being July 4th and all, a Necro post might seem inappropriate, but in a way, the fact that Necro’s... Read more »

Necro – Thugcore Cowboy

Feeling extra violent, super ignorant, and wildly unstable? Time for some new Necro. This is another one from his upcoming album Die! Buy it here. You already know from “Set It” and “asBESTos” what to expect.... Read more »

Necro – "Set It"

If you missed the last post, here’s the deal – rapper/producer Necro is filthy, and he’s been cooking up some new filth. Disgusting, violent, and pornographic. Whoever coined the term “harcore rap” was not anticipating this shit.... Read more »

Necro – "asBESTos"

I don’t do this often, but I’m just gonna go ahead and put this out there – if you have any questions in your mind as to whether or not you should check this out based... Read more »