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When the Chillwave Crashed: A Genre Gone Too Soon

The summer of '09 feels like a long time ago thanks, in no small part, to the forces that dominated the blog rock of the day. A legion of 20-year-olds with moppy haircuts, a couple of... Read more »

The Meaning Behind Band Names

When famous rock bands are interviewed, at some point they’re asked the question, “How did you come up with your name?” It seems like a pretty standard inquiry, but some time in the past it became... Read more »

10 Things To Pick Up On Record Store Day

Record Store Day is upon us. And by “upon us” I mean it’s on April 21st, but it’s time to start doing your research and deciding what goodies you’re gonna snag on this most holy of... Read more »

Video: Neon Indian – “Fallout”

If you dig gratuitous cartoon breasts, then this new Neon Indian video should be right up your alley. Initially I didn’t make a connection between the video’s content and the song title “Fallout”, but after processing... Read more »

Video: Neon Indian Plays Weird Instruments From Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is making a Music Shop. It will showcase fifteen different instruments with prices ranging from $70 – $800. Now, if you were UO, how would you celebrate this? Yep, get Neon Indian to play... Read more »

Neon Indian Performs “Polish Girl ” Live on Jimmy Fallon (Videos)

Funny man Jimmy Fallon has some how transformed his late night program into a modern day version of the Ed Sullivan Show. It’s become an almost obligatory box to check off on an artist’s performance resume... Read more »

Neon Indian – “Hex Girlfriend”

Here’s the latest from Neon Indian‘s upcoming Era Extraña, out September 13th. The melody sounds like a mix of the 80’s and current garage rock, and indie pop, but all done with Neon Indian’s trademark touch. It’s... Read more »

Neon Indian – “Fallout”

Neon Indian is the music making moniker of chillwave artist Alan Palomo, and this is the first full song we have the pleasure of hearing from his upcoming full length Era Extraña, out September 13th on his... Read more »

ArtOfficial, Neon Indian, Janelle Monae, and April Fools'

Hope everyone had a good April Fools’ Day. If you pulled off a good joke, let me know in the comments.  It’s never too early to plan for next year. A lot of people get annoyed... Read more »

Neon Indian – "Sleep Paralysist"

Critics rarely take the time to give credit to a label when good music comes out. It’s hard to really pinpoint the label’s contribution to the final product, and people generally don’t like to think of... Read more »